Guesthouse on or near Raglan Street?

A question from Nina:

In 1964 I lived in a large guest house, which had multiple rooms, and verandahs which looked over towards Garden Island. I dont recall the owners, but they had a daughter Theresa. Behind this guest house, at the end of the road, was a large sunken tennis court. Can anyone assist in identifying the building, and if it still stands? There was a playground/park up the road, heading away from the Point on the Right, suggesting Raglan Street. There was also a small ferry stop opposite at that time.

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Hello Nina
Could it be this one ?
MOSMAN.-Refined Guest House, 3 Raglan-st,
Musgrave wharf. VACANCIES, visitors, permanents, excellent cuisine, modern comforts, from 35/. Y3080_
I found this advertisement in
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Hi Nina I think you mean “The Britannic Guest House” In 1965 I Lived in the Tower on top of the building. The Owners name was Trever I can’t member the little girl’s name, can you?
The building still stands I was talking on the phone to the present owner last night.
I would very much like to hear from you.
With best wishes,
Graham Sweet 7.12.14 (go to about us)

— Graham Sweet · 8 December 2014, 00:43 · #