Cowles Road

  • Memories of 59 Cowles Road  c. 1944—1962 – Douglas M Saunders

    59 Cowles Road, c. 1950 I grew up in this home, where I lived with my parents and grandmother from about 4-21 (when I left home, and Mos… more

  • An auspicious intersection  1945—1957 – Brucey M.

    When travelling east on Military Road, in the late 40s early 50s, you reach the cross road / intersection of Cowles Road. On each corner of this cross… more

  • 59 Cowles Road  c. 1950 – Douglas M Saunders

    I have found an old black and white photo taken about 1950. There were no trees in the street, but the garage had been built, so we had a car by then.… more

  • Memories of 52 Cowles Road, Mosman, 1957 - 1971  1957—late 1960s – Paul Morrison (formerly Hastie, my stepfather's surname)

    We moved into 52 Cowles Road, Mosman in 1957 when Mosman was still a working class suburb. I remember Mum telling me some years later that the house w… more