28 Rosebery Street

Alf and Bertha Wintle

Bev Wintle
Rosebery Street

Alf and Bertha Wintle outside their home at 28 Rosebery Street about 1960

Bev Pieremont · 8 June 2011

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Alf and Bertha were my grandparents. They moved into the house around 1937. We lived there for approx 10 years in the late 60s & 70s. I remember playing on the street until it was dark. We had a look-out who would yell "car" whenever one came around the corner from Ourimbah Road. We'd all clear off the street while it went past, then go back to playing.

— Susan Bottrill · 4 November 2011, 01:01 · #

There was a story I remember that the council planted a tree in the nature strip outside of the house. Pa Wintle wasn't happy with this messing up his lawn, and would do frequent checks to see it the plant was still growing by pulling it up and inspecting its roots. The council couldn't work out why the plants kept dying, and eventually gave up!

— Susan Bottrill · 25 November 2011, 13:02 · #

Susan, Was David Bottril your brother? We lived in 50 Ourimbah Rd, and used to play (in Rosebery St) with David (and his brother?) in the early – mid 1950s. I seem to recall that David’s parents and family moved to Boronia Park after that.

David Healy

— David Healy · 11 January 2013, 13:24 · #

We lived at 66A Ourimbah Road and the Wintles were behind us on the back fence.
I remember “Mrs Wintle” as a kind and generous lady who often invited me and my sister in the kitchen at the back to have cake and a soft drink. She was quite astute as my neighbour, David Wright, would call out rude things to her and then duck behind the fence leaving all the other kids in full view but Mrs Wintle always knew it was David and he never was invited in for a snack. She was a warm and grandmotherly lady who was kind to kids.

— Tony Hollway · 5 September 2013, 08:57 · #

David Bottrill is my older cousin. The next one down in age is John. The family moved to Gladesville. You have a good memory!

— Susan Bottrill · 1 March 2014, 17:53 · #

Thanks Tony for your lovely comments about my Nana. I will pass them on to the family – we are in the process of organising a reunion of all the cousins.

— Susan Bottrill · 1 March 2014, 17:55 · #

Susan, I seem to remember a Dutch couple who lived with the Wintles for a while; maybe their son’s or daughter’s in-laws? A nice couple; I have a recollection that they had aviaries in the back yard; used to raise small birds?

— David Healy · 17 September 2014, 14:40 · #