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Donal Carr

I was enrolled at Killarney School in Killarney Avenue Mosman in 1944 and 1945. I recall that in my first year there I had to lie down and be quiet after lunch. I have few other recollections apart from the sports day on the former grass tennis court where I took part, not very successfully, in egg and spoon races and sack races.

In my second year there I was given sewing lessons which didn’t really impress me as a boy.

In those World War II days, I recall that the double decker buses were painted in olive green camouflage markings, the trams too, I suppose.

Many boys progressed from Killarney School to Mosman Prep School, in Raglan Street, as I did in 1946.

Donal Carr · 26 January 2012

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Hi Donal. I too remember the egg & spoon races. I was recently sent (by my sister Jan) a copy of the 1944 Killarney School Concert programme. I note your name appears (as well as mine) amongst many others. Would you like me to send you a copy – you may recall several others. I found it fun to see how many I could remember.
Incidentally I believe the school was located in Dalton Ave (rather than Killarney St.) The building still stands although the school itself moved (in 1973) to Belmont Rd.

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