View of 'Finedon' 4 Ryrie Street


Hedley Carr
Ryrie Street

View of Finedon, 4 Ryrie Street, built early 1939 by architect Hedley Norman Carr, whose family lived there until 1983.

Mosman Library holds a complete set of photos of this house dated circa 1983.

Donal Carr · 23 October 2006

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I am interested in contacting Donal Carr regarding any archive material of Hedley Carr that is available to the public. I have written a book on Building Contract and Architect James Thomson Chambers who built for and worked with Hedley Carr in the Central West of NSW. I am still researching the connection with Hedley Carr

— Heather Chambers · 9 January 2008, 05:08 · #

Heather Chambers – I would love to talk to you. Have lots of info for you.

— Donal Carr · 5 August 2014, 22:52 · #