Rose Crescent

  • Mosman Bay 1900  1900 – Narelle Marie McDonald

    The Old Mistress Ferry with our house to the left was taken in 1900. The picture was published on page 179 of Gregorys ‘SYDNEY SIDE’ by Richard Whita… more

  • Marie & Harold Baker  1950's – Narelle Marie McDonald

    In their twilight years Nan and Pop traveled on a P&O cruise each year. By that time Pop had learned to dance to the tune of our Nan who by this stag… more

  • Mosman Bay Magic.  1950's—1960's – Narelle Marie McDonald

    School days were spent at the Sacred Heart Convent in Mosman and we lived in a big old rambling house in Rose Crescent, Mosman Bay, memories which sti… more

  • Mosman Wharf Ice blocks  1950's – Narelle Marie McDonald

    It was a special treat to walk down to the little shop on Mosman Wharf for ice blocks. more

  • Roxane McDonald & Annie Teo  1950's – Narelle Marie McDonald

    Mum’s friend Lizzie Teo came to live in the top floor attic of our house with her two babies Charlie and Annie. Mum loved playing with Annie who was… more

  • Christmas Play  1955 – Narelle Marie McDonald

    A play at Sacred Heart Convent primary school. Recalling a distant memory my mate, Lindy OGrady played the King and the little kid in the back row lo… more

  • School days  1956 – Narelle Marie McDonald

    Sacred Heart Mosman class of 1956. I am front row second from the left. more

  • Sacred Heart Mosman First Holy Communion class  1960's – Narelle Marie McDonald

    Sacred Heart Mosman First Holy Communion class. I’m the little kid front row second on the right. more

  • Merry Christmas@Mosman  1980 – Narelle Marie McDonald

    Merry Christmas@Mosman There’s a chatter and a clatter And a warble going round, The birds all sing cos Santa’s come to town Dasher & Dancer they’r… more

  • Rose Crescent  late 1950s – Narelle Marie McDonald

    It was a romantic rambling old house, with so many stories – sadly after it was sold around 1965 it was lost to a ruthless bulldozer. Memories are ti… more