Rose Crescent

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Narelle Marie McDonald
late 1950s

It was a romantic rambling old house, with so many stories – sadly after it was sold around 1965 it was lost to a ruthless bulldozer. Memories are timeless.

Narelle Marie McDonald · 24 October 2013

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I sent my childhood in the 50s at 3 McLeod Street and spent many happy afternoons in and around this house and in Rose Crescent playing with the local children who lived either in the house or nearby.
I seem to remember it being divided into flats by then and of course the front lawn down towards the bay with a track to the water.

— Lee Singleton · 16 July 2015, 23:42 · #

Wow, thank you Lee, what a lovely trip back in time to read your message, nostalgia stepped in and I rang my friend Annie Teo for a chat.

You may also remember Kerry O’Brien who lived on the lower side of the walk way? Kerry had bright red hair and was a ballet dancer, she had gorgeous tutu’s made of softest pink or green tulle, sometimes she’d wear one out playing and come home to the wrath of Gibraltar when her mother found her wearing a torn tutu with little bits of twig still stuck to the netting.

I still remember the feeling of excitement I felt in the pit of my stomach when we rambled through the bush chattering away with such a sense of freedom and the little picnic lunches my Nan used to pack pretending we were setting off on a great exploration. We were as free as birds.

Yes, the property was divided into flats, it was a huge place, most of those memories are sketchy now, we lived on the middle floor and our kitchen had a door that led into the back garden ~ we were only allowed upstairs or downstairs on rare occasions when my mother or grandparents were with us ~ although from time to time a game of hide and seek saw us straying into all sorts of secret hidden spots. Under the house was like catacombs with tunnels seeming to lead everywhere and nowhere, if the right set of circumstances presented those tunnels could be spooky.

We were all so young back then. Do you remember our baby kangaroo Joey and the large chook pen? My great aunt donated Joey to Taronga Zoo while we were on a trip to Wagga, back then we children were all heartbroken ~ but I guess if hindsight was foresight we’d all be a lot wiser ~ we often visited Joey in his new home and he seemed quite happy and well cared for.

I still think the old Mosman Wharf and charming older style ferries had so much more character and romance about them and hope the same designs will return to grace the bay.

Many thanks again Lee, it’s always a joy to remember those happy days.

Best wishes, Narelle

— Narelle Marie McDonald · 23 July 2015, 17:12 · #