Guesthouse on or near Raglan Street?

A question from Nina:

In 1964 I lived in a large guest house, which had multiple rooms, and verandahs which looked over towards Garden Island. I dont recall the owners, but they had a daughter Theresa. Behind this guest house, at the end of the road, was a large sunken tennis court. Can anyone assist in identifying the building, and if it still stands? There was a playground/park up the road, heading away from the Point on the Right, suggesting Raglan Street. There was also a small ferry stop opposite at that time.

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Mapping Jack Carroll's Streets of Mosman

Mosman’s street names remember – among other things – an artist who went on to become marine painter to Queen Victoria, a member of the first Australian cricket team to go abroad (who bowled with some success at Lords, 1878) and the New Zealand-born inventor of the metal boot-lace.

These stories come down to us thanks to Dalton “Jack” Carroll, local business man (his real estate firm P. Leahy & Co still operates in Mosman) and Mayor, alderman and historian 1915-1964.

He published The Streets of Mosman in December 1948, with a revised second edition produced by the Mosman Historical Society in 1981.

Inspired by two librarians at Sutherland Shire Council and City of Botany Bay, we scanned Carroll’s list of street names, rendered the images to text with optical character recognition and did some basic scripting to generate from each description an address that Google would recognise. Using Google Fusion Tables (and some hand editing to tidy up streets that no longer exist) we mapped Carroll’s street names to this cartographic view of Mosman.

Explore ‘The Streets of Mosman’ with Jack Carroll

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Help us identify this photograph & these men

Help us identify this photograph & these men

This photo comes from from Anne Krone who lived in 48 Somerset Street, Mosman in her early years. She is doing her family history on the Carmody and Macdonald families. In this image there is a group of 11 men. The man in the front row on the right is John Hugh MacDonald, his hat is on the seat and he was a cripple. The man in the back row second from left might be John Carmody although he died in 1926 and Anne thinks the photo is 1930s – 1940s. And the man in the middle row far right may be from the Minton family who were big in the Mosman Cricket Club. Another thought from a relative was that the photo shows a group of Mosman men belonging to a Mensa group in the 1930s or 1940s.

Can you help us identify this photograph and these men?

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Do you remember the Brachers on Prince Street?

A question from Diane Hyham:

I was wondering if anyone remembers my uncle and aunt who lived in 12 Prince Street. Their names were Tom and i think my aunt’s name was either Violet or Ivy Bracher. they had a son and daughter – Josie and Ron. I am doing some family research and remember going to visit them with my father who lived with them in the 1950s. Tom died in 1968. I remember as a child going to the bowling club xmas parties.

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Looking for Doondi

A question from Stephen S.

I’m searching for any possible photos of a property in Almora Street, Mosman c1915 named ‘Doondi’. This is where my great Aunt & her husband lived …. he (DONALDSON, Joseph K) was killed in Gallipoli. I’m actually trying to find where in the street the property would have been located. Any info would be gratefully received.

The property was no. 6 which was located between Muston and Arbutus Streets but there is no such number there today. Can you help?

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