A snapshot of times in the late 1920's

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J Longhurst
c 1926

Backyard Tennis Court at no 82 Avenue rd   82
Playing tennis in the backyard with friends was the happiest times for my grandmother in the late 1920’s. The photo attatched was developed by the Alison Studio at 894 Military Road Mosman. My grandfather James Sharp and grandmother Ellen Manson lived happily together from mid 1920s to approx 1935. My mother, Lettie Ellen was born in 1928 . She speaks joyfully about her early life as a shy but adventurous little girl living in Avenue Road.
This little girl, faired skinned and fair haired was always in a hat. A white organdie hat and carrying a sunshade in the same mode as her mother. Mrs Minette lived next door.She owned a piano which impressed my mother. Both my mother and Grandmother had wonderful voices. Ellen was a contralto and Lettie grew to be a soprano. In 1933, a little girl lived across the road by the name of Marie Henderson. The property was given to James’ 2nd wife after James died. My Mother and Grandmother left Avenue rd at this time.

J Longhurst · 29 October 2013

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