The green tree snake and the lovers

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Steve Langley

Her screams resounded far and wide, from Mosman heights to distant Chowder bay,

It was just a bit of harmless fun our band of larrikins played on that day.

We were amblin’ back from the Mosman flicks to our camp at Clifton gardens,

And the sounds we heard from that old parked car, sure got our imagination startin’.

In our escapades in the bush around, we knew the green tree snakes did abound,

And sure enough our bush boy “Pavo” saw a big one crawling on the ground.

The car partly hidden in some scrub, was parked nearby the Clifton Gardens pub,

It was rockin’ and rollin’ and squeakin’ with motion, like the spin dryer on a washin’ machine tub.

There was moanin’ and groanin’ and raspy breathing, like someone was very stressed,

And sly quiet peeks through a foggy back window showed a bloke and a sheila undressed.

Entwined in their passion, they were very engrossed, and we did not make a sound,

As “Pavo” slid the snake quietly into and through, the back window that was partly down.

“Pavo” lowered that snake very carefully, and next to the bloke’s palpitating white rear,

And then we waited, with bated breath, our ears strained for the sounds of fear.

There came a scream of tremendous high note, exploding as loud as a gunpowder keg,

And words the screaming sheila yelled, there’s something crawling up my effing leg.

As their naked glory burst out the car doors, an unholy fuss they both did make,

Love’s passion gone their tryst of love ruined, by a harmless green tree snake.

And we found it hard to run away from the scene of our cheeky crime,

For we were folding up with shrieks of laughter, at the funniest prank we’d played of all time.

Steve Langley · 27 September 2016

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