My childhood home

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I grew up in a house on the corner of Stanton Road and Tivoli Street. When Mum and Dad bought it in about 1954 it was in a very run down state but with a magnificent view out the Heads and a 3/4 acre block. They lived there until 1972 but I moved out in 1971 when I got married. We had a wonderful garden with lots of places to make cubby houses and hide. The front lawn was previously a tennis court so it became the unofficial playing field for local kids. Cricket, chasings, hide and seek, ball games, What’s The Time Mr Wolf, Stuck in the Mud, Sheep Sheep Come Home, Branding, Countries, Queenie Queenie Who’s Got the Ball, and many more I can’t remember. From our home I rode all over Mosman on my pump-up-tire scooter with my sister and brothers and our dog Blackie in tow. Balmoral Beach was popular and in the lead-up to the ski season, Dad would walk us down for an early morning freezing cold swim. In summer Mum would send us down ahead of her and she would come down later with the baby. Often we went down on our own and had to climb the stairs and walk up the hill in the heat…may as well not have bothered to go down for a cooling swim.
There are so many good memories of the Stanton Road house.

Lyndal · 25 August 2021

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