Charles Cowles, Myahgah and Mena Hospital

Dr. Maurice Mishkel of Canada asks if anyone knows more about Charles Cowles:

What a wonderful site which I came across whilst researching Charles Cowles (1837-1923) owner of the largest gun firm in the second half of the 19th C up to WWII. He lived at ‘Myahgah’ Mosman and Cowles Road is named after him. The best information about Charles is in the on-line A.D.B., but there is very limited information about his firm and his home which became Mena Hospital. I was surprised that I could not find additional information at your site, and would be happy to share information about the firm with you & your readers. I am a retired Aussie academic retired in Canada, and my passion is Australian Postal History with 70 published papers and a website of >500 papers. Can you and your readers help me?
Maurice Mishkel Syd U. 1953

Mosman Library · 2 May 2008 · #

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I lived in Gurrigal St., next to Cowles Rd from 1942 until 1950. Then boarded with the Tristram family – Molly and brother Tris – from 1951 until 1954. Sister (Matron) Bid Tristram ran the Mena Hospital. I remember going there as a day patient, after being bitten on the leg by the local baker’s horse.
The Tristrams attended my wedding in Mosman, in 1957.

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