Do you know of homes named Tasso, Wirral or Kenrodwal?

Lynda Macalpine of Auckland, New Zealand writes:

Various members of my husband’s family – Macalpine – have lived in Mosman since about 1878. Archibald Macalpine was an alderman on the first Mosman Council, and Clanalpine St, Mosman, was named in his honour. He married Annie Reed, also from a local family. There are three houses in particular the family lived in that I would like to locate. Often, even today, these names are found on a plaque at the front door of some of the older homes. I was wondering if any readers happen to live in homes named Tasso, Wirral or Kenrodwal. I would like to be able to locate these homes and take a photo of them. Tasso and Wirral may have been in Raglan St and Kenrodwal could have been in Avenue Rd. I would love to hear from anyone living in these homes, they can email me at

Mosman Library · 3 September 2009 · #

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