Military Road

  • W.J. Lockman, Hatter & Mercer  c. 1915 – Debbie Goldsworthy

    William James Lockman outside his Hatter & Mercer business circa 1915. The family lived above the shop. more

  • Memories of a Young Lad from 1921  1921—1965 – Ron Wylie

    My first Recollections, 1921 – 1928 I was welcomed into the world at the corner of Raglan Street and Military Road after being born at Paddington Wo… more

  • W.J. Lockman, Hatter & Mercer, 1926  1926 – Debbie Goldsworthy

    William James Lockman outside his shop in Military Road. more

  • Shops and docs on Mosman's high street  1930s—1970s – Margaret Holmes

    Dr. Doak's house on the corner of Military and Belmont Roads Military Road was put through in 1871 to enable the army to move material o… more

  • Cobbittee capers  1933—1978 – Mrs Margaret Holmes

    In January, 1933, I was married at St Andrews, Wahroonga, to Dr T.A.G. Holmes, eldest son of Dr H Glennie Holmes of Mosman. After 14 months in England… more

  • Recollections of Mosman Public School  1940s—1950s – Richard M. Pieremont

    I started school at Mosman Infants in Gouldsbury Street at the beginning of the first term of 1946. I remember a kindergarten teacher by the name of… more

  • Dennis Francis' Memories of Mosman  c. 1942—c. 1960 – Dennis Francis

    Dennis on his way to Malvern school My earliest memories of Mosman was when I attended Malvern Kindergarten; it was a lovely old house i… more

  • An auspicious intersection  1945—1957 – Brucey M.

    When travelling east on Military Road, in the late 40s early 50s, you reach the cross road / intersection of Cowles Road. On each corner of this cross… more

  • Whittle’s Hardware Store  1961—1962 – Terry Brown

    I was wondering if anyone had memories of Claude Whittle’s Hardware Store in Military Road, Spit Junction? The staff while I was working there in t… more

  • Growing up in Mosman  1966—1975 – Cheryll (Fry) Lester

    I spent my young years from 1966 untill 1975 around the mosman area. We lived in a number of streets, Earle St., Clifford St, Wunda Road, Vista St, an… more

  • My Mosman childhood - late 50s, early 60s  late 50s—early 60s – Chris Wither

    My first memories of life revolve around The Crescent and Military Road. We lived above and behind the shop at 585 Military Road. Next door to the l… more