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Cheryll (Fry) Lester

I spent my young years from 1966 untill 1975 around the mosman area. We lived in a number of streets, Earle St., Clifford St, Wunda Road, Vista St, and Raglan Street. My earliest memories of Mosman are of Balmoral Beach and the fun we used to have their as kids. The long trail of Raglan Street holds dear memories for me as a child and a young adolescent. My friend and I used to frequent the old fish and chip shop in Spit junction, just up from Gurrigal Street, and I spent many an hour at the old Mosman Library. My earliest memory of Spit Junction would probably be around 1969 having a meal at a ‘milk bar’ in Spit Junction with my parents. As a teenager we frequented the old record shop in Spit Junction. It was run by an old lady with short grey hair and glassed on a chain around her kneck. We would go in and choose a record to listen to through the ear phones. That old lady knew every record that was available. Most of the time we couldn’t afford to buy them, but we spent many hours just listening. I have enjoyed reading about your Mosman stories and thankyou for sharing your memories.

Cheryll (Fry) Lester · 14 February 2011

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That was Mrs Yates at the record shop. Yes it was amazing how this old girl knew so much. My friends and I bought all our Cream, Hendrix Beatles ect (mainly EPs)
there. At family gathering the other day we were reminiscing about buying budget LPs on Astor- there was "What’s Shaking" a blues LP and John Mayall did one too. They sold for 2 pounds 50, I think, which was half the price of a normal record

— Steve Roper · 26 August 2011, 12:29 · #

Upon leaving college boarding life in Sydney, my brother Richard and I, in Jan 1960, went to stay at our Uncle Jim & Aunty Nancy Hughes boarding house at the end of Raglan Street overlooking Sydney Harbour. The boarding house was very popular with IBM technichans who had been sent to Sydney to undertake training courses on Cash registers. Families were also billeted and I recall one such family being the Delgarnos. Mr. Delgarno was a Tug Master that had served in Hong Kong and had migrated to work on tugs on Sydney Harbour. As my brother Richard and I did not have a vehicle our means of transport were the ferries of Sydney Harbour. Richard to work at the BP Depot at North Sydney and myself at the Bank of NSW at the Haymarkets in the city. If a photo exdists of this boarding house I would appreciate such information. A vivid memory of this time was the nightly roar of the lions at Taronga Park Zoo. An interesting period of our lives and the beauty of the harbour. Phil Tarlinton

— Phillip Tarlinton · 27 August 2011, 16:48 · #

Re information forwarded on my Uncle & Aunty boarding house.I gave my Aunties maiden name (Hughes) as their married name. They were in fact Uncle Jim & Aunty Nancy Burke. Please correct

— Phillip Tarlinton · 27 August 2011, 17:27 · #

Do you remember the name of the wine bar in Military road in the 80s?
I used to live in Raglan Street and that was our local!

— Julie · 23 August 2018, 20:34 · #

Hi Julie
Yes that was Bevy’s Wine Bar. Used to go there after the Mosman RSL closed at 10pm. Wonderful times!

— Sandra · 17 October 2020, 11:31 · #