Betty James and lamb, Almora Street

Betty James and lamb, Almora Street

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Ron Wylie
c. 1925

[Location based on Peter O’Donnell’s comment]

Ron Wylie · 18 June 2007

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That's my mum.

Have just seen this photo for the first time. That was 10 Almora Street. I lived there from 1963/4 to to 1983. I then went to Papua New Guinea. Betty James was my mum. She lived there from a very young age. Later in life she married Les "Choco" O'Donnell and they moved to Waverley. We moved back to Almora Street in the sixties. Mom passed away in 1970. Dad passes away in 1980 and my sister Kathy and I sold in 1998. Our house was demolished one year later. We have so many memories there. We do not know what happened to the sheep.

Would love to hear from others from Almora Street.

— Peter O'Donnell · 23 April 2009, 04:13 · #

Hi we lived in Forty Six Almora Street, in the sixties, lovely Street, we had a flat with Mrs Mullens and her Daughter, can’t recall her name, I tended the sloping lawns at the front and the garden at the rear, I worked at the Post Office, a finer bunch of blokes you couldn’t find anywhere else, wonderful memories.thank you Terry.

— Terry Brown · 28 August 2015, 18:46 · #