Uncle Claude at Balmoral

Uncle Claude at Balmoral

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Ron Wylie
c. 1925

Ron Wylie · 18 June 2007

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Great photos…and you could actually swim there without grim warnings….after it being allowed to pollute…and you could catch fish there…before the beach was netted end to end by professionals and the fish just vanished…you can hardly even find seaweed there now….it used to abound .

Does anyone remember “old Newt” who fished at the Pier very often and his mate who’s name I don’t recall but who looked like a John Dorey to me. You could actually catch nice Dorey, Nannygai, Bonito, Garfish, Flathead shark, Trevally Sting Ray, and so on before Balmoral was allowed to go to the dogs.

— Tony Clancy · 21 April 2012, 10:50 · #

Hello, Tony, we used to love Balmoral and used to walk down the many steps from Almora to fish from the rocks with my young son Mark; 136 steps Di my wife has just informed me.thanks Tony.

— Terry Brown · 28 August 2015, 18:50 · #