1st Mosman Bay Scout Troop

1st Mosman Bay Scout Troop

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Ron Wylie
c. 1930

1st Mosman Bay Scout Troop in front of The Barn, Mosman Bay.

Ron Wylie · 18 June 2007

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Hi Ron – lovely memories you have. My relative, Alex Aloysius Campbell was listed on elect rolls in 1936 as living at 3 Almora Street. He was a grazier of central west NSW. Just wandering if your memories or stories of others passed on to you extend to knowing anything about this person? Many Thanks.Lynne Hubbard

— lynne hubbard · 16 October 2008, 06:21 · #

I lived in 10 Almora Street opposite 1 and 3 from 1964 to 1983. In the sixties and seventies No 1 was owned by the Kings I think. No 3 had become apartments.

— Peter O'Donnell · 23 April 2009, 16:34 · #

I was a Cub in 1st Mosman from 1933 till Patrol Leader in 1942 and went on 30 or more hikes and camps with them. Many former Scouts went into the Services during WW2 and some made the ultimate sacrifice. I recall our troop being told of the death of one of our Scouters in a tank action in New Guinea. I regret that I can't recall his name.

— Alfred Keith Daniels · 11 December 2010, 12:51 · #

Hi Ron,
I was wondering if your family had ever lived nextdoor to William and Ivy Pistola in Avenue Road. I used to play with a Katherine Wylie in the 60’s when i came up from Melbourne to stay with my grandparents. There was a tennis court in the back yard.

— Jan Kentish · 12 March 2012, 14:56 · #

I was born in 1943 at St Monans Hospital -Cremorne. I went to Sunday School at the Congregational church in Belmont road -now Uniting ? To primary school at [ then ] SCEGGSRAAF father was posted missing WW2 -still missing ] There was a milk dairy at end of Medusa St and we had an ice box with blocks of ice delivered. We shopped at Spit Junction in the greengrocer and grocery store where biscuits were in big tins ,bought by the pound .Iced Vo Vo and milk arrorroot for example .Milk shakes for a birthday treat in the Spit J milk bar and penny ice-cream cones .Supermarkets came in the 1960s I think. My father's family had moved from Narromine to live in Muston St. nearer Mosman Junction, probably 1920s . I often visited so knew and loved that area well. My aunt took me to still remembered productions of operetta and musicals at Mosman Town Hall and Legacy Christmas parties were held there for primary school age children whose fathers had died or were missing WW2. A bag of fruit and chocolates for my mother .We were entertained by a ventriloquist which I found disturbing! In the 1950s we moved to Medusa St .when my mother remarried. A primary school was built across the road [Beauty Point Infants] which my [half ]siblings attended and there was still virgin bush down the road nearer Middle Harbour .The greengrocer and egg man delivered I think the trams were still running as I remember them going to Balmoral and the Zoo. One tram went into the water at the bottom of the Zoo hill. Did trams go down to Mosman Bay ferry? The hair-raising ride in a double decker bus down to Musgrave St wharf . I also remember the long toil up Awaba St .hill walking home after swimming at Balmoral and the steep steps up from Parriwi Rd to Spit Rd after catching a tram home from town -as we called the city.
Catching the ferry to the Quay sometimes for school [SCEGGS Darlinghurst ] College. Visiting Mosman library on Saturday mornings .

Now I live in UK I always have a ferry ride to Mosman Bay when back in Sydney which is peaceful and picturesque on the Harbour .

Anne Storm · 8 May 2012, 22:32 · #