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(Alfred) Keith Daniels

I became a N.E.S. messenger or junior warden for the street but I was never required.

(Alfred) Keith Daniels · 21 November 2007

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Hi…I remember Terry Thorpe..VK@TM, an Amateur Radio Operator, at work a TV and radio technician who built his own gear…his work was utterly precise and beautifully done Terry was one of three Mosman Hams I knew, two really lovely guys..Ted Barlow of Spit Road VK2GQ…right next to the group of shops at Awaba Street was so kind to me as ayoung feller interested in Radio.

Terry used a modified AWA..”AR8” Australian ex aircraft receiver down threre in Shadforth Street…something just jumped into my head that he lived at number 34…with wife son and daughter…and his own (Geloso front end) transmitter.

I can recall being there many times and listening for “scheds” up until midnight..shreewww crackel wheeeeoaw,,,wheeeee weeeerp…and the voice from say Antarctica. ” VK 2 TM shrrrrriiisssshhhhh ..VK2TM…VK2TM…pssswwssss isssss..this is VK shwarkdr 9 THIS IS…Vk9…something…maybe a W or an M or such calling on sked…come in Terry..come in Terry.

Unlike me I don’t think Terry was interested in CW (morse code) but old Ted Barlow, ex RAAF was…and his wife was so kind. Ted used a BC348 Aircraft receiver and a “bread board” mounted transmitter…mounted on rack… from the early 30s. The tubes were immense glowing objects of another era ..I wonder why he wasn’t looking at my X-ray’d skeleton every time he transmitted..maybe he was!!

Wally Kermond, a soldier who lived further down in the spur off Spit Road …near the lighthouse…was not Ham but I visited him too as I constructed my one valve short wave sets with “reaction” (feedback) and using 2 45 volt batteries and one post office tall round cell I scavenged from the Post office techo.

The third ham I haven’t detailed…I’d rather forget but can’t…but I learned about some aspects of life from him which I have included into my life by excluding them..all the same…all a part of what started at Barlow, went to Shadforth Street via my “NSW Amatuer Call sign book” I worked hard to buy and which included addresses..I’d go and knock on their door.

Interesting days as a young man in Mosman where we were all a community..” must be a Clancy”...I can see that in your eyes”...a great place Spit Junction and where a lovely little lady went shopping for years with her downs syndrome son who grew taller than she…he carried her bag…but as the suburb changed she no longer fitted the image, nor did he and they vanished…..

Mrs Mc Gregor too, the fine Scotswoman who had the antique shop next to Dawsons, was 2 doors down from the council chambers in Military Road…who loved to see me..and I loved the antiques..over the road the old service station where the shops alongside what was then “Mosman Antiques was built..

Shadforth Street was kind of hidden…mostly accessed by a lane from Avenue Road then doglegging into Musgrave Street as I recall…losing the names…It was quiet….It has changed but managed to hold onto some of that sort of quietness even whilst losing property to some more modern apartments. It went down as I recall behind St Clement’s Church but was rarely parked out except during services or funerals..and back then people seemed to live rather than die…Because real road access was only from one end, down nearer the church Shadforth Street in a way, never seemed to exist.

Years later I wnt back to see Tery but he’s moved out..then I remembered he said he might…..and Shadforth Street went back into Camelot…

So…there you go…cheers Tony

— Tony Clancy · 8 February 2008, 03:33 · #

I remember Terry Thorpe. I lived in Musgrave street as a teenager and spent many hours and days with Terry and his ham rig. I was a radio and TV apprentice to Terry and I last saw him in early 1960 when he was with Ingles Electric. I remember Terry well and his beautiful ham radio gear. He taught me how to cut out those old chassics and paint them up grey and install new tops on the for building a rig. I built my first HF transmitter at 34 Shadforth street and I am glad I have found the number as I had forgotten. I was in Australia a few weeks ago in Mosman and I tried to work out just where Terry house was but couldnt quite figure the house as its been so long. Terry had hardships there his eldest son died at a very young age about 17 and his wife also died at Shadforth Street. He has a daughter Judith and another son Neil but I have never been able to track them down. I guess I spent around 4 years with Terry. I am told by the WIA that Terry married an american lass and went there to live. He had a great love for the US. It seems he also came back to Coffs Harbour and lived for 2 years but went back to the US where he must have passed away by this. He was great friends with Bob Medows VK-2IN. Sure would like to ahve a yarn with you Tony.


— Rob Germon · 8 June 2009, 06:09 · #

Will do Rob. You and I and all these people were a part of a gentle era of people who didn’t need to be entertained, who found our own fun in productive hobbies and loved to communicate. Such like us still are born but are overshadowed by a generation demanding to be noticed and demanding to be obeyed, demanding entertainment and enjoying things more off their faces. We have many stories to tell, let’s all tell them and actually build an Australia before we join the ghosts and spirits of those whom we knew so well who sacrificed all for us. Money was not then our be all and end all. We worked several jobs and loved it,we were entitled to pensions before the rot set in and paid vastly less pro-rata of salaries for houses but that didn’t suit the avaricious, the smarties, the nouveau “would be” riche. Tell them about our world Rob and all you others who read but don’t write, who have stories and experiences knowledge and photos, letters and manuscripts, and describe what great fun it was. Maybe they, the next generation, will see something about what it means being Australian instead of a US clone or rap-dancer or genocide admirer or believer of every political lie which emerged from WW11 and which has been fatal for millions. Maybe our stories can re-invigorate the simplicity and wonder of what it was being a dinkie -die real Australian and especially in pre-avant garde Mosman. Get out your Green and Gold WW11 books and read “My Son” should be read every day in Parliament in place of the lord’s prayer.

Dave Healey, write to me, your email didn’t work, mate Tommy Smit and Tinika, Tony Switzer, Richard Griffiths, all you chaps from Marist brothers… where are you all?....Jim Poate where are you?...Lets’ get together again! Cheers Tony Clancy.

— Tony Clancy · 9 June 2009, 11:46 · #

Hello boys I am an old Mosman Marist Brothers boy.
Lived in 74 Avenue Rd going through to Wolger Rd at the back. I seem to remember Terry Thorpe but I’m not sure why. I think the name Terry Switzer rings a bell as well. It’s great reflecting back on the streets and where we used to go in and around Mosman. If any of you can remember, I still keep in touch with Tommy Booker, Geoff Marles and Peter Whitfield from school. Peter’s father Jack was the local detective at Mosman and his mother Kate was Bumper Farrell’s sister. I am 60 this year and live at Lennox Head on the Far North Coast of NSW.
Mosman …what a wonderful place it was.

— Paul Wyatt · 19 June 2009, 05:18 · #

Hi, I am a old Sisters of Mercy/Mosman Marist Brothers\student 1944-1953. I lived at 126 Shadforth St, (its gone) and moved to 43 Avenue Rd,(its gone) until1958. Ken Irvine was a class mate at the Brothers along with John Murphy, John Timms ( We raced one of his beautiful ski boats) Tony & Maurie Colton, Toni Lopez (They had the fruit shop at Mosman Junction). I competed a Wool tech. course at Gore Hill/East Sydney then into the Pharmaceutical industry and stayed there until I retire I moved to QLD in 1960-65, back to Sydney/Newcastle back to Brisbane now live at Waterford West.

— John Geraghty · 29 July 2009, 04:09 · #

Hi, all.
The “Switzer” I knew was (is) Tony Switzer. He is still around. I ran into Paul Antcliff a few years ago, and he told me that he still sees Tony from time to time. (Did he live in Keston Avenue?). The Booker I remember is Bob Booker, Rosemary’s brother. They lived in Military Road, just a block or two from the Catholic School. Rosemary married one of the Antcliff twins, the bootmaker (Melvyn, I think), who died around 10 years ago.
The Lopez fruit shop has been sold, but it’s still a fruit shop, I believe.
having lunch with my brothers, Denis and damien, in April last year, we ran into Tommy Smit, and spent some time shooting the breeze with him.
David Healy

— David Healy · 4 February 2010, 03:32 · #

Bob Booker now lives at Harvey Bay Qld with his wife Gail. Rosemary lives in Beacon Hill. Her husband was Lyle, the twin brother of Melvyn and he passed away 10 years ago last June. He and Melvyn went to school with Ken Irvine at the Marist Brothers. You may also recall that Len Antcliff (the youngest of 5 Antcliff’s) was in Bob’s class.
I am the youngest sibling, Tom and I live on sunshine coast Queensland.
My much older class mate Paul Wyatt alerted me to your comments so I have passed them onto Rosemary and Bob. Paul and I went to school with Terry Thorpe (Wyatt has no memory) and Peter Irvine. The Clancy name is certainly well know to all and sundry who lived and worked in Mosman in the 50, 60’s and I guess 70’s.
Richard Griffiths lived two doors down from us and I remember that he was a great swimmer. He was also very keen on chemistry and with my brother’s help almost demolished his family’s garage late in 1958 . Last time I saw Richard was in the 70’s when he worked at Westpac in the city.

My family lived at 433 Military Road (now a block of units) and I often drive through the Mosman area to visit two of my three children who live on the Northern Beaches. A lot has changed but the memories are many and still put a wry smile on my face. Bob and I were taught by the Sisters of Mercy and the Marist Brothers. Rosemary by the Sisters of Mercy.

— tom Booker · 14 February 2010, 03:26 · #

I am trawling the net to show things to my son related to his family. I am late 50s and have no memories of my own of Shadforth Street, though I was thrilled to find it and go wandering there some years back once I became a parent myself. My parents lived I am pretty sure its on my birth cert at 60 Shadforth around 1953/54. My father was ex Brits Navy transferred to Oz Navy to be with my mother who was travelling the world as a governess and ended up working in a guesthouse in Nowra. They met there. He was stationed at Nowra on leave and then Mosman Naval base when he returned from the Korean War as an Aussie sailor. He left the navy eventually and they moved out of the area. But have some lovely photos of my rather beautiful young mother in her 50s hollywood hair holding her little bundle of joy outside of a sandstone fence there somewhere. And some pics taken in the back yard. A neighbour there said yes she was aware that the navy had rented some of the houses there for their people at that time. Loving reading your stories of that time when you didn’t need a million dollars to live in that lovely part of the world. Would love to live there for a bit but probably not on the cards! Much warmth and pleasure in your stories. Thank you!

— Lorraine Binnington · 15 May 2011, 23:59 · #

I went to Marist Bros Mosman up until 1953. I was just surfing and came across this blog. Ken Irvine, his younger brother, Tony Lopez, Frank Portelli, the Antcliff boys, John Bailey … it’s great to hear about the old school days. Apart from John Bailey and Louise Locke from the nuns across the road, I lost contact with all the classmates. I did however meet up with Ken Irvine, he called my concrete business and had us carry out some paving work on his home in Frenches Forest.

I still tell people about the time when a group of us went down the road and took itchy buds from a tree and caused so much havoc that old Froggy had the whole school in the parade ground looking for the guilty boys … no one confessed or dobbed us in, so the whole school got a wack.

— Ian Hay · 8 June 2011, 21:04 · #

To Ian Hay,
I remember the day of “The itchy bud” fiasco. I was called down to Frobert out the window’s office under the stairs, I had burnt my hands a few days before and had them bandaged,I questioned him on my apparent situation, to which he flew into a rage, as he could not cane me on my hands he made me drop my pants and gave me six across the hind quarters. I became his mortal enemy after that.
John Geraghty

— John Geraghty · 27 February 2012, 15:42 · #

Hi, stumbled over this site again and oddly whilst thinking of the girl Gillespie!!…I wonder what she’s doing!? these days. Saw her at the reunion many years ago, terribly nice and memorable, have a picture her and myself and Paul Antcliffe there … It’s good to see your names and your survival. Paul Wyatt I remember very well and Booker’s, Antcliffe’s Healy’s, Griffith, Barnett, Perdriau. can’t list them all…Ian Hay and his brother?)…was related to Hay’s Jewellers in Manly (yes),,bit of a lad as I recall…Peter and Les Ham
are still around as I recall, Les did a radio programme of classical music from home or a community radio station…and had great devotion to Our lady of Medjugorje. Les, a refugee as I recall, was a whizz with making telescopes even at school. Tony Switzer is very ill I hear…sadly, ….I’d like to see him again. Paul and Lennie Antcliffe are still active.John Willis,Farrell, Anyone recall Dennis Tapp..he disappeared between 5th and 6th class and the rumour was he’s met a sad fate…but I sometimes wonder about him, Willy Martin, who certainly got as many sixes as I did, where are you Willy… .time for another reunion or a beer isn’t it..or both!!…Rita Smith’s mother died recently, you’ll recall Bill Smith from Whittles. John Geraghty….I think Kenny Irvine was three classes ahead of ours. Great swimmers….how about Ken Hatten, left the Olympic champ way behind at a demo at Nth Sydney pool and his brother Allan was also a great swimmer and both could run. . Both did miles of swimming training each morning….. Remember the brothers..Herbert,, Swithin, Redmond, Frobert, (aka Froggie) Mc Carten, Aquinas (Baldy), “Mex”….Nicholas, ‘the Mongol’ (his name eludes came for one year and went to civvy..tragically to arrive to my horror at my next school at St Pats Goulburn) ) Ted (Rogartas?) Vincent, Keenan, ..add some more….? Any others remember the ‘cruel’ rhyme about Br Aquinas, a great English lover and teacher and copper-plate handwriting expert…“Baldy Baldy, common noun, parse him up and parse him down, neuter gender hopeless case, governed by his ugly face”…that’s a long time ago, LOL!!!….Ron Germon I vaguely recall you…you were at Terry’s twice when I was there. Email me (goldmort AT Also Wally Kermond, who emailed me…love to hear from you again..and Miss Gillespie too….Always pleased to hear from you.

— Tony Clancy · 21 April 2012, 10:42 · #

Lived at 19 Noble Street, Mosman (1/8/1954 to 12/5/1973) memorable dates first my ninth birthday the second my wedding day. Remember billy cart redex trials through streets of Mosman and Cremorne, mulberry trees at bottom of street etc those were the days.

— John Willis · 11 March 2013, 15:02 · #

John Willis: Your brother Bob was in my class at Marist Brothers. Ran into him at the DMR many years later. Heard he died quite young.

— David Healy · 4 December 2015, 15:30 · #

I was a student at Mosman Marist Brothers from 1954 to 1960.
I knew a lot of the people mentioned including Ken Irvine who lived at 106 Holt Avenue and I lived at 66 Holt Avenue . Brian was in my class whereas Peter was younger .Tony Lopez was also in my clas and a great source of laughter particularly with our lay teacher Mr. Locantro.
Yes a lot of memories raised including my best friend at that time Colin Coulton along with his big family..Tony Maurie, Jenny and Roberta.
Could go on but I don’t want to bore .It would be good to communicate with likeminded survivors!!

— Chris Gray · 13 April 2016, 21:38 · #

I also attended Marist Brothers Mosman leaving in 1956 to go to Oakhill College with John Cody. I remember Brian Irvine, Ken Hatten, Tony Lopez, Jimmy Vote, Victor Volpe, Chris Nolan, Barry Aylwin, Colin Coulton, Geoff Hicks and Dennis Moulton….I also remember Br. Aquinas “Baldy” Br Frobert, Br Keenan….I still see Tony Lopez and was friendly with his brother Dom when he was the Mayor of Mosman.

— Peter Rolfe · 19 June 2016, 15:23 · #

How good to see so many still active!…Rob German how about a chat?

Paul Wyatt what did you end up doing. Dave Curtis has recently moved from Narrabri to Central Coast….he was going to call but….Dave’s son is into bull riding. Peter Townsend was/is around Harbord, Tony Harroldson?….Anthony Stedman?

Richard Griffiths, Hogan, Graham Bombell….anyone heard how they are? Remember Griffiths was top of class, Hogan up there…There were some clever blokes…who didn’t have to combat 12 screaming kids and try to study….

There were 65/75 in the classes. I came 7th in one year….such praise “More attention in class and homework would produce better results”….My parents didn’t ever say ‘gee you did well”.

I did however win the religion prize in 1st year (299/300)after being refused communion for ages by the PP and doomed to eternal fires…why?…for going to sodality masses instead of 9 O’clock with the children…There’s much more but not for here…

When on the Orpheum Stage he heard my name called out he half rose from the chair, Adam’s-apple wobbling like turkey, gasping for air….I thought he was going to croak…sadly no…but he refused to give me the award…I think it was the boss who did.

That over and done…A better report I suppose than “Anthony was a bad influence on every boy he sat next to during the term’…well, I only sat next to Arday….in the front seat….bit of overstatement there, bit of ornamentation?…bit of…. hyperbolé? … ummm.. .grandstanding?… errrr…colouring ? (Brother Aquinas would be proud of me)….what humbug!

How could anyone be a bad influence on Arday??

Redmond, after homework handed in. “Where’s yours Anthony”…“My what brother?”..“Your homework Anthony”….“Homework brother??……..homework??”..“yes Anthony homework”. Oh…homework…Haven’t I handed it in brother?”…“no Anthony”….Arday scratches side of chin with folded fingers, perplexed……Well if you haven’t got it brother …are you sure, can we have a look?…No Anthony, I am quite sure,,(Arday mutters’bit unfair’ What’s that Arday?…..I just said ‘somewhere’….‘Must be here somewhere brother’….Arday searches desk, bag, floor…Looks the totally blank Arday look….‘where can it be???” .checks inside his coat pockets…..oh I remember now brother…I left it at home”…..“OUT THE FRONT Arday”…..four on each hand. I sat there almost in paroxysms trying not to roll on the floor laughing.

And I was a bad influence on HIM???

Sadly when I tracked him down to have a laugh he didn’t want to know me…Vietnam I suppose, or could be my angelic personality irking him I .. ….speaking ‘angelic’ …Kenny Daniels was a star performer in long distance races with the MP’s I believe….What are you up-to theses days Kenny? David Beer too and Chris and Peter Bek…. (Beck).Chris Farrell?..Jackman…?

Allan Hatton was a good swimmer but told me he only did 3 miles before school he said Ken did 7…if so, staggering.

Percy is gone and no doubt a few more…I don’t see any emails here from Perc…don’t they have pc’s in heaven?…Oh yes, that would be hell wouldn’t it.

How about Stan Karnikowski and his tall mate? the mate’s name just eludes me, tall handsome feller… lived down Stanley Avenue way…maybe Balmoral, had a business going in I think Videos.

Joe Bugler is still about I believe. We never hear much of their sisters….a few of us had them…..

I missed seeing Paul Antcliffe last year…he has a 34 (I think) Ford….and was still active in 2016. Tony Switzer and his wife?…Les and Peter Ham?…Graham Masters, Michael Forthsythe and his brother…anyone from 2nd Lavender bay Scouts….anyone know? Peter Moonie and his brother seem to have long, long vanished into thin air. Lennie Antcliffe too recently…he was pretty entrepreneurial’s tricks Lennie? What of John Rae? anyone seen John about…and Dave Seaton, last seen with a printing works at French’s Forest.

We haven’t heard from Smits, though Coe contacted me once.

Aha!!…I’ve remebered the name of the evil one…“The Mongol”…was brother Walstab….He was right on top me and Barnett….. give us a break!!….It wouldn’t be so bad if we’d actually DONE anything wrong!!….He was ok after he left the order, I called him up at the Brisbane employment agency, much later he was ok almsot human…Later I heard he’d passed-on. Speaking of ‘strange’ anyone recall Mr Oddie?

One chap of long, long, long, ago…I wonder if others knew of is fate..Dennis Tap…short, olive skin, dark hair, good looking young bloke…he disappeared during end of year holidays 4th or 5th class I recall maybe he was killed?…anyone know?

How about Ms Gillespie…could enjoy a chat with you. If anyone knows where she is, please let her know.

At present I am pursuing a Masters degree in WHSE, hard yakka with a smattering of HD’s and DI’s. I have no intentions of retiring…(how boring)…and seen much of the world I wanted to see so looking for another 10 years work.

I took up study again after injuries of terrible pain, couldn’t walk for 8 months so why waste the time?…I did my Ham licences same way, when injured for 3 months long ago. After this unit I have two heavy research units to go….

I may spend a month or two in France as having a break after this one to try to get body and mind back to at least ‘normal’. I was pretty well until working 12 months in Vanuatu, then Korea, then Vietnam. There are some nasty bugs in those places, they make Aussie Funnelbacks and Redwebs seem almost lovable.

Cheers all

— Tony Clancy · 8 January 2018, 15:59 · #

From time to time, I look up Marist Brothers Mosman on the internet, and when I do, I really can’t find much at all about my class at school when I was there. As I am now 75, so I guess it is not surprising because it was not yesterday!
I have very good memories of Marist Brothers, when I think back to those days. I guess that I’ve had an interesting life so far (at least from my point of view) however I am sure that I am not the only one, with memories of my years at school and memories of my life from then to now. It would be great to hear from anyone who has memories of those years when we were in school together. Also, I would love to hear what you have been doing in your life since then.
At school I was a very poor student I was OK at sports, I played hooker on the school rugby team and I ran in the associated school’s athletics competitions and I played on the school cricket team and as also an OK swimmer. SIDE BAR -Kerry Castle and I sat in a front desk during Physics class with Brother Angeles (Chrome Dome). Neither Kerry or myself would hardly ever do our homework and Brother would cane Kerry and myself almost every day. He would say “Poor helpless fellows didn’t do your homework! Come out here and I will bash you, bash you.” Kerry and myself would get the cane almost every day in Physics. Br. Angeles was bald, and his bald head would go RED because he was so mad with us. END SIDE BAR.
When I left school, I worked at Pearl Assurance in Sydney for 4 years. On weekdays, I sailed during the summer and played rugby during the weekends in the winter. I started sailing in small boats when I was only six years of age. When I was older I sailed on16 & 18 footers, I was a crewmember of “The Fox” in the 18 footers World championship in Auckland, New Zealand, also I sailed in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. During the winters, I played rugby union, I was 5/8 for the first Manly Warringah “THE RATS” rugby team, the season before I left Sydney.
In December 1964, I travelled to London on the P&O Canberra Ocean Liner Sydney to London, through the Suez Canal, the voyage was three weeks and five days. (definitely one of the best four-week periods in entire my life so far). Anyway, I worked in London that winter, played cricket for a pub team with Colin Cowdrey and Ken Barrington. I left London after about six months and hitch hiked to Cannes in the South of France and worked on a yacht that summer. We cruised the Mediterranean and ended up in Greece where the boat stay for winter. I went back to London by train which was interesting, anyway when I finally got to London I worked there during the winter. I did that for three years. London Yachts. Then one day, that third year, I was working on a yacht when Terence Young the James Bond director, (Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Thunderball, he also directed Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn) was leaving the yacht at the end of his charter in Istanbul, he offered me a job in the movie business. I was in the movie business for about 30 years, the first ten years, I was an assistant director to Terence Young, I worked for him on ten films, with various actors and actresses, Audrey Hepburn, Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, James Mason and many other actors and actresses well known back then. The next almost twenty years I was Director of Post Production Orion Pictures in Los Angeles. I finally got married when I was 53. I have two children Ryan a boy 21 and Natasha a girl 19. Unfortunately, I am divorced, however my ex-wife an myself are on good terms. I currently live in Park City Utah. I would love to catch up with anyone from when I was at Marist Brothers, Mosman. If anyone is interested in catching up, please send me an email. I am listing some names of people who come to mind when I was at school. Peter Atkins (Sarge) his farther owned a race horse called “Sarge”, Michael Roberts he lived near me in Balgowlah, he had two brothers Dennis and Glen., Angelo Serio, Kerry Castle, Colin Coulton, Greg Hyde, Michael Hargraves, Nikolai Nicknic, Kenny Hatton, Rodney Harrington, Jimmy Vote he lived down the street from me and his next door neighbor was Rex Mossop. Pat Thomas (half back), Bob Craig (I remember one day he and I had an argument about something, so after school that day, we, and many of our classmates went to a nearby park, where he and I had an actual fist fight. (I don’t recall who won but it I do remember it was not fun), Geoff Hicks & Dennis Moulton(both were in my class before they went to Joeys a few years prior to leaving certificate. Chris Nowland, Stinson (I don’t remember his Christian name), Peter Yates, Noel Loftus, Frank Portelli, Toney Lopez, Barry Alywin, Dennis Rice, Mario Bellantonio, John Cody. I probably spelled many names incorrectly for which I apologize

— John Longmuir · 22 April 2018, 11:16 · #

John….Interesting life and you recall some interesting chaps. The brother you mentioned never anwered a question I asked concerning Physics other than “don’t worry about it Clancy”…at which point I’d stop learning. He was also titled ‘nude-nut’ and “Island in the sun”.

I wonder if you also experienced Mr Oddie…who would walk around the class and for no apparent reason hit (hard) with his knuckle one boy or another’s head. Plenty of fruit loopers and the occaional sadist or ptsd…at that “in loco-parentis’ school included Dominic, Vincent, Walstab, Mc Carten, Redmond, Nicholas….with “Pancho” being a sort of mystery bag.

Sadly, Paul Antcliffe recently died, I tried unsucessfully to get to see him some weeks beforehand. Arigho’s were another family who went through Marist Brothers…Ronnie and Eddie were two. There was a sister too…Joanne I think. I wonder who else recalls the beautiful Janey Bower who went to Sacred Heart…

Have completed the Masters in 2019…wanted 11 HD’s, got only 6. Unfortunately my plans to work to 85 have been delayed by some 2 years of serious illness…but…hopefully…..

Who can tell me how to write to ms Gillespie who was at Sacred Heart, around our time.

Any other new? from anyone?

— Tony Clancy · 17 November 2021, 15:44 · #