Dad's Shop - Avenue Road 1950s

Dad's Shop c.1960

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c. 1960

Joseph Maurici outside 56 Avenue Road, Mosman, late 1950s early 1960s.

Ria · 15 August 2008

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We used to shop there through the 1940’s up to the mid 1950’s when we lived in Badham Avenue. We would walk from Badham Avenue, to Mosman Street, along Upper Avenue Road and then into Avenue Road. The route going was mostly down hill but going home there was that upwards trek along Upper Avenue Road with the shopping.

— Rosemary · 15 August 2008, 04:27 · #

any memories of Yeo Street or Vista Avenue 1920’s 1930’s Frederick Cash Family Butcheries at Neutral Bay Shops (buried Gore Hill) ?

— b.bakker · 21 August 2008, 08:24 · #

grew up waters rd neutral bay 1943.Many mates all over the north shore.Mothers family came from the old north sydney .Grandmother worked at the spit baths for many years for Sam Hereford . I went to neutral bay public until 1955 then one year at mosman high .to all old mates ,thank you for the best days of my life.

— ray faunce · 27 December 2008, 11:54 · #

Hello Ria
I remember your Mum & Dad’s shop very well. I can also remember when you were born! Other shops around there at the time were McClure’s grocery store (used to be on the corner of Avenue Road and Cowles Road but moved several doors up when Amoco service station built), Mr Bolton the butcher, Miss Phillips library, next to McClure’s original store, Mr Crane the chemist, and Ewart’s timber yard.

— Margaret Gilbert (Milford) · 2 October 2009, 13:12 · #

Well guess what Margaret ? I used to be a chemist boy for Mr Cranes pharmacy. Followed on from Ian Craig ( yes the cricketer ) who was also a chemist boy there. We used to deliver medicines etc to people on our bicycles. My auntie Marge ( Marge Wyatt ) used to work for Mr McClure at his store. Still love Mosman today, wish I could afford to live there !!!!!

— Paul Wyatt · 8 January 2010, 04:17 · #

Now that’s something you don’t see these days, Paul – chemist boys! What memories! My brother used to do a paper round on his bicycle after school for the newsagents in Avenue Road. I can’t remember their names but they were there for years until they moved on.
I went to school with a Christine Wyatt – any relation to you?
I live in Adelaide these days, but a big part of me still belongs in Mosman. Like you, I would love to be able to afford to live there still!!!

— Margaret Gilbert (Milford) · 14 May 2011, 22:13 · #

Hello Marg
Mosman did have good memories.
I remember being a paperboy there also.
I also remember Ian Craig in the chemist also as my grandmother used to tell me who he was.
I remember when mosman school first went co ed us young blokes were all at sea but we soon adapted?
The years have really flown.

— Robert Manning · 7 June 2012, 19:41 · #

Hi Marg ( Gilford / Milford )
Christine Wyatt is my cousin and lived next door to us at 76 Avenue Rd ( we lived in 74 ) Still see Chris a lot because she lives on the Gold Coast and I live at Lennox Head in Northern NSW.
Her married name is now Punsion.
All the best
Paul Wyatt

— Paul Wyatt · 10 January 2013, 14:19 · #

Hi Cousin Robert
They were good times back then weren’t they? I would say a lot of Mosman boys from those days were delivery boys of one sort or another at some stage. It was good pocket money. I can remember visting at your grandmother’s house at Mosman Bay – superb location. She was quite a character! Life was so uncomplicated back then wasn’t it?
It was nice to catch up with you again when I called in your way a few years back.

All the best

Hi Paul
Thanks for your message re Chris. I have been in touch with her and we plan to have a really long chat in the next couple of days. There is a lot to catch up on! My Mum remembers Chris’s mum working in the grocer’s store. Mum lives over here now and is still going strong at 93. I must get all her memories down before it’s too late as she lived in Mosman from when she was about 6 until 30 years ago.

Thanks again

— Margaret Gilbert (Milford) · 12 January 2013, 11:54 · #

Hi Margaret.
lived at 126 Shadforth St, the moved to 43 Avenue Rd, from 1950 until1958. My cousins lived at 19 Avenue Rd. Worked as a paper boy at Barrett’s news agency for pin money after school then through my Tech. studies Mr Barrett actually helped me get into Gore Hill Tech. Collage. Mr McClure had two sons I think, We mad three surf boards out of some balsa wood they imported from South America and fiberglass and resin they managed to get out of the US of A with plans from some magazine, ( they actually worked) we were some of the most watched surfers at Manly with these new look boards. I brought my first VW car from Mr. English at the BP Garage on the corner of Raglan st. Moved back to Mosman in the mid 60’s got married and moved on. Now live at Waterford West in QLD, I must have lunch at the Mosman Rowers next time I am down in Sydney.

— John Geraghty · 6 August 2013, 14:51 · #

For Margaret Gilbert (Milford)

Hello Margaret

Does your family have a connection with Flight Sergeant Bill Banks, RAAF?

— Lyndon Pugh · 17 September 2014, 05:10 · #

Hi Lyndon

I am not aware of any connection to Flight Sergeant Bill Banks, RAAF. I have done quite a bit of research on my family tree, on both my mother’s and my father’s side, but haven’t come across that name.

Hi John
The ‘surfie’ era was just coming in wasn’t it. I can remember going to see some of the movies that came out at the time. The music was very much related to the surfing scene too – Bombora, Pipeline are a couple that spring to mind. Midget Farrelly was the pin-up surfer of the time.
My brother bought his first car from English & Saunders too – a Mini Minor. He traded it a few years later for a Toyota – also from English & Saunders.They were a well respected company.
My family were connected to the Mosman Rowing Club for many years. My brother was a cox and Mum worked in the office. Dad used to drive us down in the afternoon to pick Mum up. They would normally stay and have a drink, whilst I had a lemon squash in the office upstairs. I used to love it when they brought out the cheese and biscuits then, and I would be given my own small plate! They were prepared by old Norm. I’m not sure what his actual job was – a bit of everything I think. Have a ‘lemon squash’ for me next time you go there!

— Margaret Gilbert (Milford) · 5 October 2014, 13:53 · #

Hi Margaret

It’s very kind of you to take the trouble to reply. It was a long shot but I’ve been researching the death in action of my uncle in WWII. He was a close friend of Bill Banks. Bill was the pilot of the Lancaster Bomber they flew. I have a photograph of Bill on a beach near Sydney, with his girlfriend at the time, who was called Margaret Gilbert and who lived in Mossman.

Best Wishes, and thanks again.

— Lyndon Pugh · 28 October 2014, 08:39 · #

Hi, I am hoping to find any information on my grandfather, Cecil Cockburn who had a store in Avenue Rd, no. 54 in the 30’s and 40’s. I think he also had a property at Wedderburn? Thank you in anticipation.


— Graeme Martin · 2 June 2015, 11:29 · #

Hi. I am wondering if you might recall a gentleman who worked at one of the butcheries whose last name would have been Hoy?

Thanks so much.

TIna :)

— tina · 16 March 2016, 23:29 · #

Hi all!
not sure if anyone is using this page anymore… however, I really wanted to ask, I’m currently doing a family history project and was wondering if anyone had any information or photos on the Healy family from Ourimbah Road. (My )Dad is David Healy, (born 1945), his mother and father were Frank (Francis ) and Lillian Healy. He had 5 sisters; Daphne, Rose, Margaret, Helen and Barbara and a brother Patrick.

Any information or photos anyone has to share would be fantastic!

Kind Regards


— Rebecca · 11 June 2018, 10:33 · #

Have just read article written by Ray Faunce December 2008.I am a Cousin of Rays.i also remember the old days down at the spit baths with the Faunce Family.Pearly Faunce ,Rays Grandmother worked there for many years and took the money from those entering the pool.Murray Rose trained at the spit.Hope Ray reads this.great memories ..Richard West.

— Richard West · 24 October 2019, 16:42 · #

Ria – I went through school from Kindergarten (Sacred Heart) to High School (Marist Bros) with Tony Maurici and have memories of spending time at the fruit shop after school with Tony and also playing at Memory Park.

— Peter Hughes · 28 June 2021, 15:56 · #