Dad's shop - 1970's

Dad in his shop, c.1970

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Joseph Maurici in his shop at 56 Avenue Road.

Ria · 15 August 2008

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Hi Maria,

You probably don’t remember me. My name is Robert Tholen and I lived in Mosman with my family untill 1972. In 1972 we left for Holland, my parents, my twin brother Peter and older sister Margaret. Do you remember Margaret? You went to school together: Sacred Heart and Monti Sant Angelo.
Peter and I were good friends of John. We allways played together and wandered through the steets. I remember once we caught a shark and we kept in a bathtub for a while. You weren’t very thrilled!
How’s John? My brother and I have lots of good memories with John.
How are you parents. We often went to Paddy’s market on the truck and sometimes we’d go along doing the deliveries with your father.
Has your brother become a rocket scientist? I remember a rocket that made green smoke!

Say hello to your family and I hope to get a reply.

Robert Tholen

— Robert Tholen · 2 August 2009, 20:30 · #

I remember going in to this shop sometimes. I was closer to Tommy Amato in Spofforth St so didn’t go to this one very often. Looking at the photo, I am stunned to see Avocadoes in the shop back in 1970. They were unheard of then! Wonderful to see.

— Tracey Murrell · 14 March 2015, 21:01 · #