Cyprian Street, 1968

Cyprian Street, 1968

Sandra Birdsall

The postman at the bottom of Cyprian Street before continuing on into McLean Crescent. They used to criss-cross the street on the way down, getting both sides of the street delivered, in the hope that someone would give them a lift back up to Parriwi Road. That blue MGB belonged to a fellow named Williamson, who lived in Parriwi Road.

Steve Birdsall · 24 March 2011

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Funny, that postman looks a lot like a young Steve Birdsall before he went on to night sorting at Mosman P.O.
Those were the halcyon days of the PMG.
Two deliveries a day plus a Saturday delivery.
Three telegram boys, two on motorbikes and one on pushbike.

— Tony Shanahan · 26 August 2011, 17:58 · #