Taronga Zoo Floral Clock

Taronga Zoo Floral Clock

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Steve Birdsall
7 April 1947

I found this old photo in my grandmother’s collection, and I believe it dates back to the 1940s or early 1950s. I can remember how exotic the floral clock seemed to be when I was a child. Years later as schoolboys we sneaked into the zoo over a wall where the bisons used to be, and the clock was still pretty well kept in those days. I was saddened to see how forlorn it looked when I took my wife there a few times in the 1990s.

Steve Birdsall · 24 March 2011

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A bit more searching revealed that the photo was taken by my mother or father on Easter Monday, April 7, 1947.

— Steve Birdsall · 27 March 2011, 04:55 · #