View from the roof of 65 Rangers Avenue

Thomas Owen Booth

Photo taken by T.O. Booth (my father) in 1948. My Grandmother and father and uncles lived at 65 Rangers Avenue during the war while my grandfather served in New Guinea. They also lived there just before 1950 and this photo was taken from the roof which was easily accessible from the back of the house. by young energetic lads. Mosman Bay is remembered as one of my father’s and uncles favourite haunts.

A. Booth · 18 May 2011

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Mosman Bay (then named Mosman's Bay) was one of my favourite haunts, too. Still is, when I can get there!

— David Healy · 9 June 2011, 09:34 · #

I lived next door at 63 from 1947 (when I was born). I am still friends with the children of the family that must have moved in after your family left. Yes, it was easy to climb up the roof, (I have also been up there) and Mosman Bay was certainly well frequented by me and friends (including the streams that flowed into the stormwater canal running down the side of Reid Park

— Michael Cooper · 2 March 2012, 15:14 · #

I lived at 10A Rangers Avenue from birth in 1944 till 1970. I remember you well Michael Cooper, and I assume you are referring to the Salmon family with a son Greg. I share your enthusiasm for the various stormwater haunts surrounding Reid Park. What a wonderful environment for growing up!

— Ian Duffy · 15 June 2012, 11:12 · #

Hello Ian, just saw your response. Your name is familiar but my recollections are vague. You must have lived next door to the Fensoms and opposite the Eggins. Yes, was referring to the Salmons. Mr Salmon (Don) lived at 65 until he passed away in 2010. My mother moved from 63 in 2007. I am collecting my memories and hope to publish them on this site in the near future.

— Michael Cooper · 24 July 2012, 12:38 · #

Well lads, this is what happens when you cruise the net for nothing in particular. You may remember me, I lived in Flat 1 at 36 Rangers Avenue from 1940-1963, my brother was Norman. Ian, I have been trying to trace Diane for so long, so many memories. I have been living in Tasmania for nearly forty years although Norman and his families still reside in Mosman. I visit whenever I can which isn’t as often as I’d like. Please do get in touch.

Jewel Beresford nee Osborne · 15 December 2012, 16:01 · #

Hi Michael Cooper & Ian Duffy
I am sure this is our house (30 Rangers Avenue) on the right of this photo. Ian, #10A, your family home I think, has recently been sold again (a couple of months ago). It is very nostalgic revisiting our old grounds. Is it just that I start thinking as I get older of my lost youth.
Pamela Voltz (nee Turner)

— Pamela Voltz (nee Turner) · 30 September 2013, 18:33 · #

Hi Pam Turner,

I remember you very well. That certainly is your house on the right of the picture, and I remember spending quite some time in it. Your brother Geoff (Jeff?) was a friend, and your father Bill was my hero! I remember your father building his own television receiver and helping me with my interest in electronics in my early teens. He brought me a transistor (the component, not a radio) back from the US so that I could improve the performance of my crystal set. Your father’s influence was a driving force for my career, and I spent the whole of my professional life as an electronics engineer!

I would think that the whole neighbourhood remembered Bill as a commercial pilot, and as the man who drove the Peugeot in the 1955 Redex Trial. We used to follow his adventures in the news reels at the Cremorne Orpheum. I’ve previously searched the web for news of him, but to little avail. ScreenSound Australia’s Redex DVD has about 5 seconds worth on him.

Thanks for the tip on the #10A sale. I was able to find the web promotion and collect a full set of images of the new interior – I managed to do the same last time it changed hands, and before it was altered out of recognition. I wonder whether you remember Susan and Judy Mack who lived next door to you in #28. Perhaps they had moved on before you moved in, or perhaps you were too young to remember them. At about the time I was watching your dad build the TV, I remember a very young baby in your home, but I remember no more than that. It was lovely hearing from you. I hope we draw some of the other neighbourhood kids into the conversation.

— Ian Duffy · 4 December 2013, 22:32 · #

Hi Michael Cooper,

Yes, I lived next door to the Fensoms – father Jack, mother Mabel and children Helen, John, Paul and Michael. Paul was a very close childhood friend for many years. We were almost opposite the Eggins in #53 (just a slight offset), with children Anne and John, but the parents’ names escape me.

Michael, I very much enjoyed reading “My Grandmother’s Memories” in Oswald Street, and I look forward to reading your collected memories should you publish them. I’m also considering publishing. What wonderful childhood memories I have of life growing up in Rangers Avenue – ah, the nostalgia!

— Ian Duffy · 4 December 2013, 23:00 · #

Hi Ian (again)
I also recall the Fensoms. Paul was also a friend of mine and he joined the priesthood. We used to billy cart everywhere, home made with ball racer wheels that we used to get from the COR/BP service station in Canrobert Street, plus many others. They mad a noise on the concrete roads that I will never forget. Brierley Street hill was a favourite, as was Avenue Road – very few cars about in those days.
The Eggins also had a daughter, Susan – the youngest. I also caught up with Pam Voltz last year, and also remember the (blue) Peugeot and, of course, Bill’s famous entry in the Redex Trial!!
Amazing to think that the Cremorne Orpheum is still going after all these years (albeit changed somewhat!!). I now live in Cabramatta Road (Cremorne side), near where the old bakery used to be and we used to take the delivery horses up to the stables after their rounds and be rewarded with a “fresh” bread roll or two. I think the entrance to the stables must have been in Spencer Road.

— Michael Cooper · 16 February 2014, 07:45 · #

I remember the horse and cart delivering bread in Rangers Ave too.And the ice man carrying the huge blocks on his shoulder into the Bridgewater`s place No. 69.My brother Greg put a twopenny bunger in our home made[by my Dad] letterbox and blew it as high as the power lines.Not happy Jan !!.Many a neighbourhood cracker night was held at the Eggins` house,don`t think we had any major mishaps.
Gail Briton [nee Salmon\

— gail Briton · 21 February 2014, 07:04 · #