My Pa

My Nan
c. 1983

This is a photo of me and my great great grandpa Brian Barry who lived in Mosman all his life and still does with his wife Rose Barry. My sister Louise Barry is also in this photo.

I was raised here and its always been my home Im 38. My Nan and Pa who are 87 and still live in the same house… can tell you stories of when the rabbit man used to come past … as well as the ice man who you could buy ice off … and i remember my nan telling me about the moon landing and her listening to it on the radio …

This is a photo of me and my great great grandpa Brian Barry and my sister Louise Barry is also there.

My Pa knew everyone he drove trams and busses and was an NRL touch judge and referee…

My mum Susan Brown now lives in Anna Bay. I have alot more photos and stories that I will try and get from my family.

Baz Brown · 26 January 2012

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What number in Ourimbah Rd. (I lived in No. 50 from 1947 – 1968).

— David Healy · 27 February 2012, 10:07 · #

I lived in 85 Ourimbah Rd from 1963 the year of my birth till 1983. Brian use to walk past my house regulary as young bloke. He took me to the Sydney Cricket ground to watch him judge a game in the early 70 tees great memory of a great man

— warwick kings · 5 April 2014, 18:39 · #

I was in the same class as Sue Barry during the 1950’s. I remember walking past her house each morning on my way to MHPS. I resided at #51 Ourimbah Rd. Lots of memories of those great years.
Kind Regards
Rod McCracken.

— Rod McCracken · 9 November 2014, 15:14 · #

Looking at these photos triggers memories of the people I went to school with.
Susan Barry and Rod McCracken happen to be two on the long list as in those days over forty pupils in each class was the norm.
I lived in Congewoi Rd and although I did not walk past this part of Ourimbah Rd on the way to school on the way to the shops in Roseberry St it was part of the trip.
I will be adding some stories and photos to the Mosman memories blog shortly, if you can help or just wish to converse contact me at

— Ian Dodd · 5 July 2018, 12:44 · #