Rangers Ave Boys at Balmoral Baths

c. 1945/46

back Row – Left to Right – George Blunden, Ted Flowers, T. O. Booth
Front Row Left to Right – Greville Booth & Lindsay Menier

A Booth · 4 May 2012

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I lived several doors up from Lindsay in Rangers Ave, but was also several years younger. Lindsay had a sister called Shirley and his father was Peter, a hairdresser working at times in the old barber shop on Military Road opposite Marist Brothers school. Every six weeks or so, I and all other children (boys and girls) would be taken down to Lindsay’s and have our haircut in the backyard while listening to the horse races on the radio. I think we paid sixpence for the haircut. I am also pretty sure Lindsay’s surname was spelt “Menier”.

— Michael Cooper · 8 May 2012, 12:59 · #

You do look a right motley crew and all so slim, I wonder if you still are that?
I think most of the Cremorne end of Rangers Avenue had their hair cut by Peter, even I in a very fashionable “German helmet” style. I had morning tea with Mavis ( Mr Min’s wife) some ten or so years ago and we had a great time reminiscing, unfortunately my Christmas card was returned year before last.

Jewel Beresford nee Osborne · 15 December 2012, 17:50 · #

I’m Peter and Mavis granddaughter, Shirley’s daughter and the surname is Menier. Sorry Jewel that your Christmas card was returned but Nan passed in 2001. You and Lyn took me to the Zoo over 50 odd years ago.

— Sandra McIntosh · 4 December 2015, 16:11 · #

Lindsay is my Grandfather, Ronald Menier is my father, would love to see more photos of him and other family. Would also like to hear more stories from all of you that remember my family.

— Sean Menier · 25 June 2019, 23:02 · #