Tennis Court, 82 Avenue Road

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Jo Longhurst
c. 1920s

Tennis Court at the rear of 82 Avenue Road, Mosman

Jo Longhurst · 9 January 2014

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I thought at first that this was the court where my parents played in the 1940’s. We walked down Upper Avenue Road to get there and the courts were across Avenue Road and along a bit (I can’t remember which direction). I do remember that we (the kids) could walk down inside the drain pipe that ran along the gully and come out in Reid Park.

— Rosemary · 9 January 2014, 12:18 · #

Hi Rosemary
There were 4 tennis courts at the start of the second hill of Lower Avenue Rd., which was almost directly opposite our home # 43. They were the first lot of buildings (Service sheds) on the western side of Avenue Rd. which you had to walk down a service track to gain entry. I had a few lessons there but no coordination so took up a surf board. There was a water fall at the back of the courts that all the rain water from Rangers Rd etc. ran into the big drain then into what we called the bog hole in the bay. There were some interesting rock formation just down a bit on the side of the hill that sat on top of each other and made a cave where we would boil some mussels we got from the bay and have a camp out and smoke a cigarette we purchased from the Dyer wharf shop.
John Geraghty 14 September 2014

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