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D. Cooper
Vista Street, Prince Street

We moved from Rose Bay to Vista Street when I was a baby. There I spent my early years.

After that we moved to Prince Street. I remember riding my dinky from Vista Street to Prince Street along Short Street when I was 3 years of age. Our ‘new’ house was a very old miners’ style cottage with a huge garden and rock pool down the back.

I actually knew all the neighbours back then, the two neighbours that lived next door were Elsie and Bessie Talbot.

I went to Mosman Infants school then onto Mosman Primary. I would walk to school every day and on special occasions would catch the tram home which cost all of 3 pence. There I would get off near Cowles Road and walk down.

I spent a lot of time at the beach (Balmoral), also loved fishing down at Mosman wharf which we would walk to. We used to shop at Spit Junction every Saturday morning and remember a lot of the shops in the area. My mother used to take me to the library often which was on Military Road. The children’s section was downstairs and I would look at books whilst she would go upstairs to the adult section.

I left Mosman in 1970 and moved to Melbourne where I have resided ever since. Growing up in Mosman was a great experience and I will always have fond memories.

D. Cooper · 9 November 2008

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Hi ..we could shoot the Breeze about Spit Junction as I have a reasonably photographic memory for events. dAD WAS IN BUSINESS THERE TOO….What interested me immediately was your fishing.I fished at Mosman wharf and at Athol (leatherjackets /Blue swimmers) but probably 4 afternoons a week after school and weekends at the Wharf at Balmoral. Just thinking about the world as a kid…I used to wag school every Thursday afternoon when not swimming day and go fishing around the Spit remeber all those pontoons ?. Often enough I fished under the bridge early mornings weekends!...and I hated the taste and smell of fish…just took them home for the family. Do you recall the old fellers like “Newt” who fished at Balmoral Pier,,,and his mate who was a dead ringer for a John Dory?...”Wot larks Davey, Wot larks”...Dickens understood! Cheers Tony Clancy

— Tony Clancy · 18 November 2010, 17:05 · #

I grew up in Mosman and have great memories of Spit Junction, Balmoral, The Spit, the Zoo etc. it was great life for a kid back then! Tony, I started school at Sacred Heart and there was girl in my class called Miriam Clancy and when I went to Marist Brothers, Peter Clancy was a year ahead – your sister & brother?

— Peter Hughes · 11 January 2014, 08:50 · #

Would anyone have any info or photos of the old house that was on 86 Avenue Rd. It is now 4 townhouses . Would appreciate anything Thanks

— BARCLAY WADE · 1 February 2014, 16:30 · #

I lived at 6 Prince Street Mosman and my next door neighbours were Elsie and Bessie Talbot. I lived with my grandmother whose name was May Mannell. The house I lived in was incorporated in the expansion of the council and eventually become a town house. I believe that your house is still standing as it was. Great times growing up in Mosman

— David Vincent · 21 January 2017, 23:18 · #