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My parents and I migrated to Australia in 1948 and our first place of residence was Kahibah Road, renting from a kind man named Mr Stocks. It was the most marvellous intro to Australian life because of the wonderful neighbours.

Opposite lived the Gilder family. Colin was the MD of Readers Digest and his wife Geraldene. The family story goes that Colin came over one day soon after we had settled in and asked “What is that smell?” It was espresso coffee which was unusual then as coffee beans could only be bought at Andronicus at the Quay. My parents gave him a cup and from that they were life-long friends.

Next door lived a family with 2 boys Alister and Beresfeld (can’t remember their surname). They also were so kind. I being just 2 years old, was minded by Auntie Delia (Berwhistle) during the week. Her sister Auntie Florence was the kindergarten teacher at Mosman Primary School so my transition to school was so easy. This family lived around the corner.

I would love to know what happened to the Gilders’ son Jeremy and daughter Rachel as well as any others of these families. My parents never forgot all these people’s kindness.

Sophie · 27 March 2012

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I can tell you the Beresford has a surname Bluett. He is still alive around Clareville. I will know the gilders.

— Adam · 14 November 2014, 20:36 · #

I can’t believe I’ve found you
Truly quite amazingly ⭐️
Archiving my parent’s life in our
Victorian isolation⭐️
So very many photos of us all in Kahiba Road
I soooooo soooo hope this finds you and we can gather our memories ❤️
I’m sending this on to Jeremy who lives out of Byron Bay and Peter who lives in Roseville
I live in Fairfield Melbourne

— Rachel Cecil · 1 October 2020, 16:10 · #