The Esplanade memories 1946-1954

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Donal Carr
1946 —1954

In the days when I was a member of the 1st Balmoral Cubs and Scouts , I used to visit a large tearoom / milk bar on the corner of The Esplanade and Botanic Road. It had a wide selection of sweets which could be bought individually. They also sold one penny ice cream cones.

To the north of the tearoom was a tennis court, which ran parallel to The Esplanade and there were more courts further west.

North of the courts was a little general store which sold my favourite ice cream cone – orange flavour by McNiven Bros. for 3d. , I think.

Donal Carr · 24 August 2012

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I lived there for some years, it was called the George and it was a Boarding House. The tea room catered for breakfast and lunch and the courts were part of the property owned by George Masolli - of Lebanese extraction. When I wasn’t swimming I was fishing off the jetty with a character we knew as “Newti” as he was from Neutral Bay. I also fished off the Island next to ‘Edward’s Beach’ I was with the cubs in the oval and the treasure hunts were a thrill. Dark nights and little villains running everywhere. Then grocers shop was owned by Mr Coffee and the milk bar by Mr and Mrs Erickson.

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