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Julie DuRoff
c. 1930—1967

My Dad grew up in 52 Cabramatta Road. His Mum and Dad moved there in the 30s and lived there until grandpa died in 1967. I remember going there for holidays and staying with Nana and I loved to look in Huckell’s window. Nana used to be a member of the Paling St Methodist Church and would take flowers there and dust the place. I remember going with her and playing farm animals in an indoor sandpit up in the gallery. Round the corner from Nana’s house in Bardwell Rd or Holt Ave, we used to visit a friend of hers who had a golden harp in her darkened lounge room. Her name was Mrs Youseffee (the only way I can spell it, how it sounds) and she shared her house with a Mr Stimson. He used to collect tinfoil and wrap it into a giant foil ball.

Dad and his brother were in the militia before the war and used to practise their shooting skills with their 303s under the house. It was a semi-detached house and underneath was a copy of the layout of above. They would lay on the dirt floor and shoot a target at the end what would be the hallway above. The target was fixed to the back of the front steps.

I remember the postman came twice a day, walking, and once on Saturdays. There was a little shop down the road on the corner of Cabramatta Rd and Bardwell (I think). I forget the lady’s name, but she was a friend of Nana’s. It was a lovely time.

Julie DuRoff · 24 September 2012

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Hullo Julie,
I was just reading your memories of Cabramatta Road and wondered if your Nana’s friend’s friend was Teddy Stinson, my great uncle. I had thought he boarded in Rangers Road. He was a bachelor who’d been injured in the first world war. Looking at the map Rangers Road (Avenue?) is very close to Cabramatta Road. Uncle Teddy died around 1964ish I think.
Cheers, Jandra

— Jandra · 19 October 2012, 20:40 · #

Hi Jandra

It could have been him, I just remember the dark house, the harp and the giant tin foil ball that he made. I recall a jolly man, kind of reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock. I wasn’t very old, but that memory did stick with me.

I also remember the little shop down the road on the corner of Bardwell and Cabramatta Roads, the lady there was a friend of my Nana’s. I think her name was Mrs Martin. I would walk there with Nana and there were a few steps up into the shop and she sold all kinds of things.

— Julie DuRoff · 11 November 2012, 04:03 · #

Hi Julie, my mother was a staunch member of Paling St Methodist Church.. I was christened there as was both of my children. Both my mother and fathers funerals were held there. I was a Sunday School teacher and a member of the youth group. When my family and I moved from Spencer Rd to Epping we did not come back to Cremorne for sometime and we were shocked to find the church gone and replaced by housing. If I may ask what was your Mothers name as I may well have known her.

— Viv Moran · 15 March 2013, 09:23 · #

Sorry Julie I meant what was you Nana’s surname.

— Viv Moran · 4 April 2013, 11:52 · #

Hi Viv
My Nana’s name was Ruby Watson.

— Julie DuRoff · 3 July 2013, 14:41 · #

Yes it was mrs Martin and mr Phillips had the shop across the road .

— Stephen carpenter · 25 July 2013, 17:40 · #

Hi Julie, did your Nan live in a semi detached home next to people with twin boys. I think their surname was Taylor. If so then yes I do remember your Nan.

— Viv Moran · 23 September 2013, 17:11 · #

I grew up in 43 Cabramatta Road – my mum & dad were Della & Wally Hughes. I have fond memories of Mrs Martin’s shop and the Lamb brothers’ butcher shop next door on the corner (now an art gallery). We lived next door to the Punts. I went to primary school at Sacred Heart in Cardinal Street then Marist Brothers on the other side of the road. So many memories!

— Peter Hughes · 11 January 2014, 08:07 · #

Hi Viv, I think it was the Taylors that lived next to Nana. I can’t remember the exact names, my brother might, he is 9 years older than me. I do know Nana was great friends with the mother.

— Julie DuRoff · 10 January 2015, 11:40 · #

Hi Julie
What a small world this is. I grew up in Holt Avenue, and have been on this website previously. I have some visitors staying with me at the moment, and was telling them about this site, as John grew up in Cabramatta Road – he is one of your Taylor twins – the other twin is Graeme, and they are now living in the Hunter Valley. I hope you get this, as I see your posts are a few years old. He has memories of your grandparents. Mr Watson had an old Ford which he used to park out the front with his parking lights on each night. John’s brother Lance rented the house next door with his friend Marjorie. Mrs Ellis (?), a podiatrist, lived over the road, and next door was Mrs Henry.
John’s memories of the church are going away on youth groups, raising money for the hall to be built at the back. He and his wife Elaine had their wedding and reception there in 1964. John & Graeme used to mow the lawn there – without payment!

— Margaret Gilbert · 19 July 2019, 21:39 · #