43 Cabramatta Road

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Peter Hughes

I grew up in 43 Cabramatta Road with my mum & dad (Del & Wal) and still have the most vivid memories of what it was like. Regular visits to Mrs Martin’s shop after school and spending lots of time in the Lamb Brothers’s butchers shop on the corner next to Mrs Martin. Then there were the games of footy we used to play in the small park on the opposite corner.
I used to love the time spent looking and dreaming as I watched all the movement in the train display in Mr Huckle’s shop window.
We used to live next door to the Punts and can remember when Bill Peach & his wife rented the back area of the Punt’s house – a real live TV star which was a big deal back in the 1960s!
I started school at Sacred Heart in 1960 then to Marist Brothers over the other side of the road in Cardinal Street.
I remember walking up to Mosman Oval a couple of days each week and hanging around the Mosman Cricket Club practice in the nets. This is where I started a frienship with Alan Border which continued with me playing with him in Green Shield and playing against him for Collegians. Back then, who would have thought the oval would eventually be named after him!!!

Peter Hughes · 17 January 2014

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I remember Mrs Martin’s shop! My Nana was good friends with her (Nana lived at 52 from the 30’s until Grandpa’s death in 1967). Nana also used to get soft drink delivered, can’t remember the company, but their Snowcap Champagne was delicious. I also used to love looking in Huckle’s window.
Nana used to go to the Paling Street Methodist Church, she also would clean the church and I remember going with her when I was little and while she was cleaning, I would play in the sandpit that was on the mezzanine with the farm animals there.

— Julie DuRoff · 21 March 2014, 12:22 · #

Julie, I remember the drink deliveries too & Snowcap Champagne was one of my favourites as well. Was the company Sharpe’s? (That came from somwhere way back in my memory bank). I’m sure my mum & dad would have known your nana – dad had lived there since the late 40’s.

— Peter Hughes · 8 April 2014, 07:15 · #

Does anyone remember (or belonged to?) 1st Cremorne Scouts in the early 60s? I think the scout hall was in Cabramatta Road; on the Military Road side of Spofforth Street.

— Mike · 26 April 2014, 12:44 · #

I am now living at 43 Cabramatta Road.
Does anyone have old photographs of the street they could share?

— Damon Rudge · 22 January 2016, 20:47 · #