Mulberry tree

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Donal Carr

In the 1940’s and 1950’s, on the south east corner of the intersection of Spit Road and Warringah Road stood a large Federation house, set well back from Spit Road. Close to the street corner was a large mulberry tree which provided leaves for many local children to feed their silk worms (me included). Perhaps the tree overhung the street fences because I have no recollection of going into the property or ever seeing its residents. Parents would usually accompany their young children. Later, I think that there was a service station on the site.

Donal Carr · 25 August 2021

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Silk worms were ‘all the rage’ back then as pets; compare with managing a cocker spaniel or a poodle these days!

Anthony Wallis · 26 August 2021, 08:01 · #