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Does anyone remember Miss Langley’s kindergarten on the corner of Fairfax Road and Kirkoswald Avenue? Three in our family went there from about 1954 to 1958. It was an old timber house with a dirt yard and hanging tires for swings. I remember quite clearly the Christmas when we had a party/concert at Scots Kirk in Belmont Road and a ballerina danced around and gave us presents. I was dressed as a poinsettia and my sister was a snowdrop. Such innocence.

Lyndal · 25 August 2021

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I attended Miss Langley’s sometime in 1950-52. A two-storey building with an upstairs verandah, and Miss Langley lived upstairs. My most precise memory is of my and other parents’ concern (mild by today’s standards!) when told that Miss Langley used to take a nap during the day. Lyndal’s mention of the concert stirred a memory of attending one dressed as Wee Willy Winkie and holding a candle to which my commercial artist father had attached a painted flame.
Fairfax Road ended in a set of steps and a pathway leading to Burran Avenue. A McGowan family some might remember lived near there.

— carlhf · 26 August 2021, 12:21 · #

Lynda, I grew up in Kirkoswald Avenue, (our house went through to Hopetoun Avenue) and went very intermittently (as I was often sick as an infant) to the Kindergarten on the corner of Kirkoswald and Fairfax Avenue.
My husband and I have lived in 29 Stanton Road for nearly 38 years now, so I assume your maiden name is McClurken. Sorry if incorrect spelling. As I’ve only moved a few corners from where I grew up, my numerous wonderful childhood memories are still vivid.

— Jane Edwards · 10 November 2021, 17:09 · #