Childhood memories from Awaba Street

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1970s (?)—1980s

My first home as a baby was in Awaba Street – it was also my last in Sydney before moving to UK in the late 80’s.

Fond memories of visiting my grandparents in Countess Street, friends in Killarney Street, Dalton Road and school at Middle Harbour Primary and then onto Queenwood at Balmoral.

Loved Chinamans Beach, Balmoral (before it went toooo upmarket) and also Mosman and Spit Junctions.

My first Xmas was on Balmoral and the first time I swam on my own was at the Shark Net.

Perfect place to grow up – all good memories!

Jane · 25 July 2006

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My grandparents lived at 51 Awaba Street until around 1975. They lived in the house for about 50 years. My mother was born in the house, she is now in her 80’s. I have great childhood memories of bon fire night in the back lane (it was gravel then), it was a great night and everyone would share their crackers.

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