Methuen Avenue residents 1950s & 1960s

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No. 1 – Dr “Doc” Herbert Evatt resided in the top house with a tennis court below. The Wilsons bought this in the 1960s, subdivided and built on the tennis court. That house is now 1A Methuen Avenue. The Wilsons sold (No. 1) to Beresord Bluett (previously of Kahibah Road).

No. 1a – Built in the 1960s, occupied by The Wilsons and then by Ray, Eileen Sally & Tracy Smith.

No. 3 – 1950s the Collins Family lived here (they had built No. 5 in the 1920s). The Collins sold to The Chiswells in August 1962- John, Barbara, and in due course Jennifer, Jane and Peter.

No. 5 – Built in 1925 by the Collins. Bought by Mr & Mrs W J Sturrock in 1925. Sold in 1952 to Richard (Dick) and Eileen (Bubbles) Sautelle. Richard has lived here ever since. He, his wife and daughter, Gail moved in November 1952, and Eve was born in May 1953.

No. 7 – The Montague Family moved in 1952 – Vicor and Andrew lived there until the 1960s. The Stuarts, then Peter and Jan van de Velde, then the MacKenzie-Smiths. Mrs MacKenzie-Smith was the daughter of George Miller, owner of the Music Hall at Neutral Bay.

No. 2 – Jack and Leonora Busby bought the house in the 1960s.

No. 4 – I recall a Mr Parker living there until the 1960s.

No. 6 – Misses Towers with nephew Christopher Harmer and his two aunts, Leila and Gladys until early 1960s.

No. 8 – The Frewer Family and then Charles and Joyce with Doug and Greg.

No. 10 – A number of families lived here including the Osmonds and Graham, Doss, Mark, Adam and Skye Thompson.

No. 12 – The Mewton family sold in 1960s to move to Melbourne. The house was bought by Mrs Hogbin and sold later.

Eve · 24 August 2006

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About 1914-1915, my great-grandparents Richard Harris Fayle and Millicent Amy Fayle nee Randell moved to “Harrisfail”, somewhere in Methuen Avenue. The 1919 Electoral Roll still had them here, but they had moved away by 1921. I would be interested to know which house they lived in.
Richard’s oldest brother, William Henry Fayle arrived in the street in 1922, with wife Mabel Clare Fayle nee McGee. Their house was called “Tarreelaroi”, and was probably #4 Methuen Av.. William was still here until c1933.
Is it possible that Tarreelaroi and Harrisfail are the asme house?
Any relevant information would be very welcome.

— David Fayle · 25 November 2007, 13:11 · #

Dear M Fayle,

The house ‘Harrisfail’ in Methuen Avenue, Mosman appears to have been built in 1914/1915 as it appears in the Sands Directory for 1916. It would seem that ‘Harrisfail’ was renamed ‘Tarreelaroi’. Unfortunately there is no further information available.

— Local Studies Librarian · 14 December 2007, 05:17 · #

No.6 was Lella & Glady Towers Betty Hamer now betty Smith and son Christopher Harmer. Betty and Chris move out in 1962 and move to North Sydney and now live at Faulconbridge .

— Christopher Hamer · 25 November 2009, 02:19 · #

The current owners of 4 Methuen, who demolished and rebuilt most of the house in about 2006, recently (and very kindly) gave me a photo of the old house. Hedley Robert Fayle was living there in 1950, and before that, from 1922 to at least 1943 it was his father William Henry Fayle, who died in mid-1944. It would be nice to have an address for “Harrisfail”, to confirm the Librarian’s proposition that these houses are the same.

— David Fayle · 24 October 2010, 00:29 · #

My father, Hedley, bought the house at No.4 from his father's estate and together with my brother William and my sister Mary Patricia movef there in 1946. The name on the front of the house was 'Tareelaroi'. My father shifted to Belrose in 1956. I have photographs of the house should you wish them.

— Robert John Fayle · 6 December 2010, 22:14 · #