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My Mosman memories involve visits to my aunt and uncle Margaret and William Gordon Cumming at 43 Myahgah Road in the 1950s. As a child from the western suburbs of Sydney it was such a joy to go to their place.

It was opposite the park and the cricket oval. Beautiful and green, all painted white, doves cooing in lofty great trees. The children’s playground was my heaven, swinging from the roman rings for hours was my delight. I dreamed my dreams for a better life on those flights through the air, I never wanted to land. O Mosman place of my dreams.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this memory.

Robyn · 31 August 2006

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I, too, spent many hours on the Roman Rings at the playground. You could swing from one end to the other and the trick was to see how many times up and down you could go. I used the park sometime in the late forties and early fifties. Also, there were always boys climbing the trees. The park was on the way home from the Methodist Church just up the street from where your aunt and uncle lived.

I also remember the blisters on the palms of my hands!

— Rosemary · 21 April 2008, 16:33 · #

Oh the memories, I lived just down from the Methodist Church for all my childhood and attended Sunday School and Church there with my sisters. I even met my husband at the Church and was married there in the mid 60s. I remember the Cummings family from back then also. The park was our haven back in the 50s and 60s, many hours spent there also. I dont think we realised back then what a great place it was to grow up, just knowing that someone from the western suburbs would visit and dream about life there makes it even more special.

— kay · 7 August 2008, 12:41 · #

I spent a lot of my childhood in Myahgah Road with Kay’s sister, Sue. I also knew the Cummings family and went to school with Lynette. How carefree we were back then. Sue and I would often go to each others place after school, and as long as we were home in time for tea, no one worried. I also have many memories of attending the Methodist Sunday School, and the Sunday School picnics at Athol Park.

— Margaret · 17 September 2009, 12:46 · #

I, too, have very fond memories of Myahgah Rd. My dad owned No. 3 Myahgah Rd. which was his main factory for a very large dry cleaning business on the North Shore, from the 1940s until 1977, Rite-Way Dry Cleaners. Many, many Mosman people will remember it. The Mosman Daily was next door.
I spent many a happy hour working behind the counter
at Myahgah Rd. The Bus Stop from Mosman Wharf was right outside and there was always a constant flow of people. They were such happy times, and I still feel very passionate about Mosman and it’s people. A lovely part of the world.

— jennifer Lesley Hazelton · 25 September 2010, 18:30 · #

I owned 36 Myahgah Rd.1951/53 then moved to Bathurst.I built a front solid wall higher at the ends, is it still there?A lovely place opposite the oval and another entrance off Vista St. Many happy memories.

— Dick Crossing · 21 November 2010, 14:48 · #

I owned 36 Myahgah Rd. 1951/53. I built a solid fence rising at the ends in front.I then moved to Bathurst. It was a lovely area, so close to all facilities and another entrance to Vista St. Many happy memories.

— Dick Crossing · 22 November 2010, 20:41 · #

Remembering, Gorgie Cummings and Margaret and Lynette, and everything else about growing up – born 1953, went to Mosman Infants then Mosman Primary School, then to Cremorne Girls High School. Grew up in Keston Avenue, Mosman Methodist Church – was married there 1st March 1974. We did have such a lovely childhood, freedom but boundaries, friends and parents friends all welcoming. Although live in Melbourne, Mosman is in my thoughts on a daily basis. I will scan some pics and put online. :-) Jill

— Jill Wilson · 1 April 2012, 09:26 · #

I lived next to Lynette cumming in my primary years. I remember Kay and her sister Sue well. Margaret, I remember you too but your surname is evading me at the moment. (perhaps it started with an M) Do the names Robyn and Joanne ring bells I wonder? Such a carefree childhood we all had. I remember the endless hours of hitting a tennis ball at the back of the grandstand opposite Sue’s house. Mrs miller, who lived next door on the upside, had a daughter Joy. Joy gave me a plaque she had made which had MaryHadALittleLamb on it. I still treasure it today. I went to the methodist church sunday school too and did physical culture in the hall. Goulsdbury street was a through street then and the walk to school always seemed to be huge! Mrs. Dornie was my kindergarten teacher I think. Remember the ice cream shop almost where Bonza Bratz are now? Cones with REAL strawberries in them. The Kinema was next door to it. Every Friday arvo I had to wait for my mother outside the Bank of NewSouthWales (cnr. Belmont Road) and we would shop for meat (from Lane’s butcher on the corner of Raglan street) and veg (from Lopez’s).
Mr. Murray had the egg and butter run which came to the house.
Dr. Everingham was my dentist on Military road. Dr. Turk was opposite the Kinema along with Dr. Hart who later moved next to the now RSL along with Dr. Blom.

Memory Lane is wonderful. If you wish to email me, please do.

— Wendy · 7 May 2013, 00:22 · #

I remember you Wendy Gowland! I can still remember all the names from our school photos! Robyn Everett and Joanne Spencer do ring bells! Actually I think I have a photo of all of us at one of Sue’s birthday parties.
I live in Adelaide these days – have done for over 30 years now.
Would love to contact you. (Have not been on the site for over a year now, since my Mum took ill and passed away) Hope to hear from you.

— Margaret Gilbert (Milford) · 5 October 2014, 14:11 · #

When I said I owned 36 I meant 33!

— Dick Crossing · 23 August 2015, 16:18 · #

I remember you, Margaret Dooley and the Farrells of course their mother dying when we were in 5th class under Brother Aquinas….great English scholar and copper-plate handwriting…..a good old bloke.
Baldy Baldy common noun
Parse him up and parse him down
Neuter gender , hopeless case
Governed by his ugly face….

never forgotten even after 60 years…LOL!

Does anyone know what happened to Robyn Davron (Daveron?) who lived in Clifford Street? I was a 2nd Lavender Bay Scout so…The Forsyth boys, the Foleys, Dennis Tapp, and so many others who have faded into the mists of time….Charlie Tobin, Sonia his once girlfriend from down at Georges Heights, Les Darcy, Tony Switzer, Les and Peter Ham, Peter Moonie and his brother, …Les was running a sort of radio programme up the Northern Beaches,…the Hattons, Peter Barnett, Richard Griffith, Hogan Porteous, Arday, ….. ? I wonder what happened to our scoutmaster Mick Deveraux or the senior scout Pat…irish name…who worked at Neutral Bay Post office when Neutral Bay Cremorne and Mosman were ‘villages’ with Beauty Point a significant area (Roger and the gorgeous Lulu Desmarchelier….) and the nostalgic Clifton Gardens with its old hotel and pool.

Of course there were memorable girls…the beautiful Alison, probably 19 then who lived near Mutton’s surgery…I would sit on my bike hoping to get a glimpse of her when I was 13. and I’ll never forget Janey Bower, I saw her last outside Marist Brothers and a few days later, she was gone. The Delpratt and Isaac girls…where are they all? Remember the Wynns, the Kaplins (Dry Cleaners) and the Seidlers (Milk Bar) and was it Mr Rae who had the bike shop opposite Sacred heart?. ..alongside the shop which sold Passiona, Canada Dry, Lime Coola and Pez..? …and that abominable Horehound!

As I said I remember Margaret Dooley and the Calligan girls but I also met a couple of other still really attractive and interesting ex Sacred heart women at the last (and only) Marist Brothers Old boys reunion many years ago now…at the ‘Strata”… Where are they now.?

If you’ve stayed with me….at present I am into a Masters degree in WHSE…looking for another 12 years of work…
Regards to all.

— Anthony Clancy · 18 February 2017, 20:57 · #

By the way Margaret Gilbert my sister Mary…who’s scarf Alan Hicks held all these years!…. lives in Kingswood, S.A. She seems to love it there…

— Anthony Clancy · 18 February 2017, 21:02 · #

Hi…any signs of Ms Gillespie? I haven’t heard of her since the old boys reunion seems so long ago….If you know here please ask here to get in touch.

— Tony Clancy · 8 January 2018, 16:06 · #

Hey Margaret …sure contact me on my email lease

Wendy · 26 January 2020, 11:02 · #