Clifford Street

  • Memories of "Sebrof" 14 Clifford St  1911 onwards – Jill Mercer

    In 1911 my grandparents, James and Martha Mulligan, sold their country property “Woodford”, near Armidale, NSW. Their son had died of pneumonia aged 6… more

  • Afternoon tea at "Sebrof"  c. 1912 – Jill Mercer

    Mulligan family enjoying afternoon tea in the garden of ‘Sebrof’. more

  • Front garden of "Sebrof"  c. 1912 – Jill Mercer


  • 14 Clifford Street  c. 1915 – Debbie Goldsworthy

    Home of James Henry & Martha Mulligan and their six children until approx 1949. The home was named Sebrof. Note large statue on the left. more

  • Flu epidemic hits Mosman  1919 – Jill Mercer

    Mosman was not immune to the pneumonic influenza epidemic that swept the world in 1918, taking with it more casualties than World War I. The epidemic… more

  • 11 Clifford Street  c. 1925 – Mary Lou Byrne


  • My neighbours and our wonderful street  1940s—1990s – Estelle Clancy

    When my Dad left Australia, in command of 2/2nd Battalion A.I.F., on the Octants, 10/1/40, our family was living at ‘Nydfa’, a block of flats in Milso… more

  • Just so Nice  1959—1970 – Terry the postman

    I lived in Clifford Street a long time ago, and now reside in England. We as a family emigrated to Sydney 1959 and just loved the country. I worke… more

  • Neat hedges and little old ladies  1960s—1970s – Mary Lou Byrne

    My earliest memories of Clifford Street are of neat hedges and little old ladies. However, at No. 11 where I lived we had neither a neat hedge nor an… more