14 Clifford St

14 Clifford Street

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Debbie Goldsworthy
c. 1915

Home of James Henry & Martha Mulligan and their six children until approx 1949. The home was named Sebrof. Note large statue on the left.

Debbie Goldsworthy · 13 February 2008

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This is where the Chadwicks lived when I was a child. 1950s 1960s. There were two large white lions guaging the front entrance at the verandah. Do you want other memories?

— Therese Clancy · 10 June 2009, 08:37 · #

I remember the Chadwicks. Mr Chadwick was such a handsome man and Mrs Chadwick was lovely. Two boys I think the elder? was Richard I had a bit of a crush on him long ago. I loved the lions out the front.

— mary heard · 11 June 2009, 05:24 · #